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Canceled Star Wars FPS Gets New Footage

It wasn't meant to be.


An extended gameplay video for the ill-fated Star Wars shooter First Assault has emerged, providing an extended look at the canceled game. Posted on Reddit, the video showcases 20 minutes of gameplay from what is claimed to be a technical beta that supposedly ran on Xbox Live back in 2012.

The video provides an overview of one map set on Tatooine as well as First Assault's array of weaponry and items. First Assault was supposed to be a multiplayer game, but no combat is actually shown in this video. The person who uploaded the video said they "couldn't spawn bots or add another player."

According to previous reports, the digital-only First Assault was reportedly "step zero" to Star Wars: Battlefront III, a test of sorts for Star Wars shooter games that run on the Unreal Engine. It was reportedly put on hold when Disney bought the Star Wars brand in October 2013 before ultimately being canned. According to GamesRadar, the First Assault beta was just $10,000 in certification fees away from being released before Disney "declared a media blackout."

Disney later partnered with Electronic Arts for Star Wars console games, the first of which--a new Star Wars Battlefront from Battlefield studio DICE--launches on November 17 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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