Canceled Roseanne Reboot Could Return Without Her, As Talks Are Reportedly Progressing

A reboot of the reboot could happen.

Last week, ABC canceled the new Roseanne show after star and producer Roseanne Barr tweeted racist comments. The show was successful, critics generally liked it, and it was even renewed for a second season, so the cancellation was big, surprising news for many. It was later revealed that ABC was considering bringing the show back without Barr, and now we've learned those conversations are still progressing, though there remain some hurdles to clear.

Deadline reports that Roseanne producers and ABC spoke on the phone over the weekend about bringing the show back without Barr. The conversations "went well," according to Deadline's sources. Roseanne producers and ABC executives will meet next to talk about ideas for how the show can live on without Barr.

One possibility is that the new version sans Barr would focus more on Sara Gilbert's character Darlene. This would make a lot of sense, given that Roseanne the character was less of a focus in the revival than she was in the original show. Whatever the case, Deadline's report suggests ABC is not rushing it, so it could take some time before the dust settles.

If Roseanne does return without Barr, there could be some legal issues because Barr is an executive producer on the show and would be owed money and backend profit participation. The new Roseanne was massively successful, with the first episodes reaching 25 million viewers.

Roseanne was quickly renewed for a second season before the abrupt cancellation. The show brings back many of the original program's stars, including Barr and Gilbert, as well as John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf.

Barr herself tweeted something mysterious today. "I'm making restitution for the pain I have caused," she said.

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