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Canceled "Driver 5" Concept Art Emerges

Art suggests that the game, which never made it out of pre-production, would have featured destructible environments.

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New details about a never-before-seen and ultimately canceled Driver racing game have emerged. Unseen 64, a well-sourced sleuthing site, has dug up details on "Driver 5," a racing game in the works for a short time at Sonic & All-Stars Racing studio Sumo Digital.

The game was apparently going to be published by Ubisoft in early 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. This was likely the game Ubisoft referenced in a financial forecast back in 2010.

Driver 5 reportedly entered pre-production around that time. Sumo, a third-party studio, previously worked on Driver '76 for the PSP, so the studio had an understanding of the series.

Concept artist Christian Bravery was tapped to create concept art for Driver 5. You can see one of his creations above, and more over at Unseen 64.

Driver 5 reportedly never made it out of pre-production, as Ubisoft chose to drop Sumo Digital as a partner and instead give the game to Ubisoft Reflections. That studio ultimately went on to make Driver: San Francisco.

Based on the concept art, it appears that Sumo's vision for Driver 5 was going to include destructible environments of some kind. That's not altogether surprising, as Sonic & All-Stars Racing also featured environments that fell apart over time.

Image credit: Unseen 64

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