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Can You Still Play Fortnite On iOS And Android Devices?

If you still have Fortnite installed on iOS and Android, can you still play it? What if you've never had it installed? Here are your options for playing Fortnite on mobile.


Fortnite has been removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Apple has also deleted Epic's dev account on the App Store. With the ongoing legal battle still ramping up and Fortnite players lost in the scuffle, it can be hard to tell what this all means for fans who just want to play the game--especially with the recent launch of Season 4. Despite the ban and the lawsuit, it's still possible for mobile players to access Fortnite in some form. You can still play the game on your phone, under certain conditions, and depending on what type of device you have. Follow the instructions below for more details.

Can You Still Play Fortnite on iOS/iPhone/iPad?

The short answer is: Yes--if you already have it installed. If you already have Fortnite installed on your iOS device, like your iPhone or iPad, you can continue to play it. However, you will be limited to the latest version you have on your phone. The most recent version is update 13.40 from Chapter 2, Season 3. Fortnite players on iOS devices can't access new content from Season 4, which is live now. You will be able to continue playing the older version, however--just don't uninstall it.

If you have never downloaded Fortnite on your iPhone or iPad, there is no way to do a fresh install of Fortnite on iOS at this time.

If you have downloaded Fortnite in the past but have uninstalled it, there is no way to recover it either. In a statement issued on August 28, Apple confirmed that it's proceeded with its plan to terminate Epic's developer account on the App Store, which it refers to as "the normal process for all accounts" in similar violation of its terms. Prior to this, fans were still able to recover the uninstalled game by accessing "My Purchases," but this is no longer the case. Attempting to reinstall using this method will now prompt a pop-up that states, "This item is no longer available," a GameSpot editor verified.

You can read more about Apple's decision to terminate Epic's developer privileges on the App Store in our timeline of the Fortnite/Apple legal battle.

Can You Still Play Fortnite on Android Devices?

The short answer is: Yes. While Epic Games has not updated its official FAQ to address Google yet, if you have Fortnite installed on your Android device through Google Play, you should be able to continue playing the current version. You will be restricted to whatever version your phone or tablet has installed, however--you will not be able to update to the new season, access new content, or take part in the new Battle Pass through Google Play.

However, there are more options available on Android than on iOS. You can install, play, and access new content in Fortnite on Android (including Season 4) by installing it directly from Epic Games or via the Samsung Galaxy Store, if you have a Samsung device.

As the feud between Epic, Apple, and Google is still developing, this information is liable to change. We will try to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

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