Camp EA: Tiger Woods 2003 impressions

EA Sports adds a host of new features to the upcoming version of Tiger Woods. New PlayStation 2 screens inside.


Though it's been only nine months since the last Tiger Woods game was released, EA Sports is getting ready to release the next version of Tiger Woods, PGA Tour 2003, which was actually being developed alongside the previous game. PGA Tour 2003 features 14 courses (the PC version will offer eight), and among them are various original courses, such as Predator, which takes place in the jungle, and Highlander, a course set in the hills of Scotland. There are also 28 golfers to select from. The game will feature a series of minigames, in which your golfing skills will be put to the test. In one minigame you will be able to go one-on-one in a game of TIGER, which is essentially the golfing version of basketball's HORSE. There's also a minigame called time target, where you have to hit targets with the ball within a specified amount of time.

The console versions of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 will include an online ranking feature that gives you a special encrypted code after a game. You can then enter this code into EA's ranking site and see where you are in relation to other players around the world. The same kind of system is being used for the tournament mode, so you can see how well you performed against other players in the same tournament.

The game will be nearly identical across all consoles except for various optimizations that will be made to take advantage of each system. The PC version will be the only version to feature any sort of direct online play. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 will be released on all platforms this November.

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