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Callum Turner To Star In Apple TV Plus Adaptation Of Neuromancer

William Gibson's cyberpunk novel, Neuromancer, is coming to Apple TV+ with Callum Turner in the lead.

William Gibson essentially created the cyberpunk genre in 1984 with his debut novel, Neuromancer, which has proven to be extremely difficult for Hollywood to adapt. However, Apple TV+'s upcoming Neuromancer series is now one step closer to happening. Via Variety, Callum Turner (Masters of the Air) has signed on to star in Neuromancer as the lead character, Henry Dorsett Case.

In the novel, Case is a former hacker whose nervous system was damaged by his former employers in retaliation for stealing from them. Case's mind and body are locked out of cyberspace until he is hired by a razorgirl assassin, Molly Millions, and her boss, Armitage. They offer Case a cure for his condition in exchange for his services as a hacker, with the full knowledge that he could be crippled again if he fails them.

Turner most recent role, Apple TV+'s World War II miniseries, Masters of the Air, saw him starring alongside alongside Austin Butler and Barry Keoghan. He also played Theseus Scamander, the brother of Newt Scamander, in the final two Fantastic Beasts movies. Turner's other credits include the 2016 adaptation of War & Peace, Glue, Green Room, and The Boys in the Boat.

Gibson is an executive producer on the series, which was created for television by showrunner Graham Roland and director JD Dillard, who will helm the pilot episode. Roland and Dillard are also executive producers on the series.

Neuromancer Season 1 will consist of ten episodes, but Apple TV+ hasn't set a premiere date for the series yet.

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