Calling reaches out, touches Wii owners in 2010

Hudson horror adventure game aims to scare with ghostly communications through Wii Remote.


What sort of roaming charges are imposed on calls from beyond the mortal veil? Soon that question might be answered--but probably not--as Hudson Entertainment today announced the horror adventure game Calling exclusively for the Wii.

"Hey Fred, what's up? Fred? What? Ah, sorry, I must have the wrong number."

Calling will take players on a trip through limbo, kept company by a series of phone calls from otherworldly entities. Hudson will use the Wii Remote as a stand-in for the main character's cell phone, piping voices from beyond the grave through the controller's built-in speaker. Once in limbo, players will have to stave off attacks from wandering spirits, avoid traps, and solve puzzles if they want to unravel the game's mysteries.

"Players will be asked to use their wits and senses to survive the world of Calling," Hudson marketing director Mike Pepe said in a statement. "It is a game that revolves around real people and real emotions--no chainsaws or suits of armor. The game is traditional survival horror at its finest."

Hudson Entertainment will publish Calling in North America in 2010. Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH will handle the game's European distribution and has specified an early 2010 launch window for the game.

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