Calling All Cars rolling onto PSP?

A British magazine is reporting that David Jaffe's downloadable PS3 car-combat game will soon be playable on Sony's handheld.


Calling All Cars!

When acclaimed designer David Jaffe teased his follow-up project to 2005's epic God of War, many were surprised at his new tact. Rather than continuing with big-budget development, Jaffe professed his desire to create bite-sized, downloadable games, with the first being the PlayStation 3 exclusive Calling All Cars!. While Jaffe has since quasi-moved on from Sony to further pursue smaller-scale development, it appears his work at the company lives on.

As reported by UK industry site CVG, the latest issue of European publication PSP: The Official Guide Book reveals that Calling All Cars! will soon be cruising to the PlayStation Portable. As per CVG's report, the game will be transferable from the PS3 to the PSP, a feature which up until this point has been reserved for downloadable versions of games for the original PlayStation. The game will also reportedly offer "comprehensive multiplayer modes in both ad hoc and infrastructure." As of press time, Sony had not returned requests for confirmation.

Designed from the ground up as a multiplayer-centric party game, Calling All Cars! posits players in a four-way free-for-all to capture escaped convicts and return them to the big house. Players are able to zip around in a variety of cartoony environments and employ an array of weapons to prevent the opposition from being the better bounty hunter.

Calling All Cars! will be the second game inspired by Jaffe's work to make the move from Sony's consoles to its handheld. The third iteration in the God of War series--Chains of Olympus--is set to arrive on the PSP later this year. Rather than being a port of past iterations of the game, Kratos' latest traversal of Grecian mythology is set to be an all-new adventure.

The PS3 version of Calling All Cars! is rated E for Everyone. For more on what the game may offer, check out GameSpot's take on the PS3 version.

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