Calling All Cars! ready for booking

David Jaffe says his first downloadable PlayStation 3 title is "gold," tells gamers to be on the lookout for it next Thursday.


Calling All Cars!

Calling all PlayStation 3 owners: God of War designer David Jaffe said on his blog today that the PlayStation Store downloadable game Calling All Cars! has finished development and testing, or reached the point where a retail game is said to have "gone gold."

Originally titled Criminal Crackdown, Calling All Cars! is Jaffe's first foray into the downloadable game arena. In his post (warning: contains some profanity), Jaffe thanked eager fans for patiently dealing with the game's delays and said it was time to get back to work on his second small game project.

As for when gamers can actually get a crack at Calling All Cars!, Jaffe said it will be released on the PlayStation Store Thursday, May 3, with a retail price of $9.99.

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