Call to Power II Now in Stores

Activision's empire-building game is now available.


Activision has announced that Call to Power II, its follow-up to Civilization: Call to Power, is now available in stores. The empire-building game puts the player in control of a civilization over the course of 6,000 years. Players control city growth, diplomacy, economic development and trade, military conquest, and a variety of other factors related to empire management. The game offers a number of new diplomatic options, as well as a revised combat model that incorporates armor, damage, attack, and defense attributes for each unit. In addition, the game features three new scenarios: Alexander the Great, which puts players in the shoes of the legendary conqueror; Nuclear Détente, in which players must try to avoid World War III; and Magnificent Samurai, a scenario set in feudal Japan.

For more information about the game, read our in-depth Call to Power II review. Call to Power II is now available for a suggested retail price of US$45.99.

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