Call of the LeeSsangRok? Lee 'Jaedong' Jae Dong urges old rival Lee 'Flash' Young Ho to step up his game

It has been more than 10 months since the old rivals locked horns, and team Evil Geniuses' star player Lee 'Jaedong' Jae Dong is now calling out the undisputed king of Brood War to find his former shape and face him in SC2.


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After reading a recent extensive interview with Hon 'YellOw' Jing Ho, the other half of the first ever true rivalry in Starcraft history which constituted of YellOw and Lim 'BoxeR' Yo Hwan, the current EG heavyweight decided to call out his former rival Lee 'Flash' Young Ho in a hope that they will face each other in individual tournaments once again.

LeeSsangRok was the name given to their rivalry, and to-date it has soon been a year since they last met in Proleague in April of 2013.

The amount of times Jaedong and Flash faced up against one another in the finals of individual tournaments during their peaks in Brood War was a staggering six times, with five of them taking place over the span of a year in 2009-2010. This was easily enough to consider their rivalry to be the finest in the game's modern history, as they both represented the absolute forefront of their races.

Jaedong cites that in said interview with Ho, he goes in to detail about how important his conflicts with BoxeR truly were to establish esports in their home nation of Korea. Jaedong echoed these senitments, and told Daily esports that hearing the former progamer's story about his rivarly made him even more eager to once again face up against Flash.

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