Call of Juarez news tomorrow?

Official Facebook page for Ubisoft's shooter series teases announcement for September 6.


Fans of Ubisoft's Call of Juarez series will want to tune in tomorrow. An update to the franchise's official Facebook page teases a Call of Juarez-related announcement for September 6. No further information is available.

The future of Call of Juarez may be revealed tomorrow.
The future of Call of Juarez may be revealed tomorrow.

Earlier this week, Ubisoft international product manager Aymeric Evennou wrote on Twitter: "New project announced very soon. Finally!" He also said this news would arrive on Thursday, the date that the Call of Juarez teaser image on Facebook also points to.

The most recent Call of Juarez title was 2011's Call of Juarez: The Cartel. That game was developed by Techland, and took place in modern day Los Angeles and Mexico. Previous games in the series, the 2006 original and its 2009 sequel Bound in Blood, were set during historical time periods.

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Avatar image for HSV002

The cartel = average only good to play in coo, in SP forget it.

Hopefully going back to the wild west will make it good again keep the coop element going though.

Avatar image for wwlettsome

So IGN has the live action trailer up if anyone wants to see it. I guess it will show up here eventually.

Avatar image for coop36

@wwlettsome thanks

Avatar image for DeadrisingX1

We don't need another one, especially not after The Cartel.

Avatar image for tightwad34

I never played the game, but didn't it suck? I wouldn't bother wasting any time writing about it. Oh, I just wasted time writing about it. Whoops....

Avatar image for max-hit

@tightwad34 Call of Juarez: The Cartel sucked. but the other two were good.Actually the second one was one of the most memorable games I ever played.

Avatar image for firzok

I played the cartel for about 25 minutes it was terrible to say the least so it would be good to be back in the wild west again.

Avatar image for clookoo213

Let's hope the next entrance in the call of Juarez series is good, the last one was just a mistake and a complete mess.

Avatar image for Joshua2222

I remember loving BiB and then renting the Cartel and just thinking to myself "WTF is this?" If this is back in an old west setting I'll be extremely satisfied.

Avatar image for LazyyAmerican

Never played the previous game...but suffice to say just because the setting is modern and we get modern weapons doesn't automatically mean a game must suck. I'm guessing the last entry was simply executed very poorly...

Avatar image for Darth_Kane

Hah, after the failure that was The Cartel, they made the sensible choice and went back to the old west

Avatar image for interrasteral7

I am not going to have any positive feelings for the next Call of Juarez, since Call of Juarez: The Cartel was a massive disappointment and a disgrace for the Call of Juarez series.

Avatar image for Fryboy101

BiB goes in my book as one of my favorite shooters of this generation. i Loved the setting and the story, the characters were very well thought out and well voice acted. Everything about that game was solid, but my one gripe was there was great potential for co op that was passed on. I am sorely hoping they return to their western roots, because that's one of the main driving forces of this series. Bringing it to modern times completely destroyed it for me

Avatar image for aitxmg

man i like the first 2 coj games.they were just great but the cartel is not like that.well i wait for news

Avatar image for davedrastic

The Cartel was massively under-rated. Not a perfect game, but I liked it alot. Gameplay was good, more realistic than a lot of shooters. Techland are a very good developer with some innovative ideas and very much focused on fun. I hope they get the time and money to make a great game.

Avatar image for TaintedSaint79

first 2 Coj games are great. Bib was a travesty and a slap in the face to the franchises fans.

Avatar image for Fryboy101

@TaintedSaint79 BiB was the second one. i think you're referring to The Cartel

Avatar image for jarvis008

Like pretty much everyone else on here I'm hoping they take it back to the old west.

Avatar image for SolidTy

Hopefully this game turns out neato.

Avatar image for coop36

Bound in Blood was actually a really good game. Went down in price pretty quick too. I still can believe Red Dead and Call of Juarez are the only real Western themed game series these days. Where are you 'Gun'??

Avatar image for tibbydriver0540

I didnt mind Cartel but bring it back to the old west please.

Avatar image for tibbydriver0540

I didnt mind Cartel but bring in back to the old west please.

Avatar image for skattestop

It better fucking be a return to the west and not another Cartel game...that was horrible.

Avatar image for vault-boy

I wonder if its a new one if its going to be as outright (and idiotically) racist as The Cartel.

Avatar image for thom_maytees

That is good to hear.

Avatar image for Wisdominsilence

Strangely enough, I prefered COJ BIB over Red Dead Redemption. It had a great story, great characters and voice-acting, excellent production values and some great shoot-outs etc.

I'm in the minority I know but you can see where I'm coming from. Also, don't forget that when I played COJ BIB it was a year before RDR came out.

Avatar image for doolindesperado

@Wisdominsilence I liked that one better too. I never finished Red Dead Redemption.

Avatar image for Wisdominsilence


RDR was too long for it's own good. Not saying that it wasn't a great game.

Avatar image for dwjconley

@buccomatic @Wisdominsilence @doolindesperado hahaha your kidding! red dead is one of the best games to come out ever! was to farking short!

Avatar image for doolindesperado

@Wisdominsilence What I played of it was good. I never finished it because, for me at least, all the side stuff was too distracting. Also, from where I was the story had yet to pick up.

Avatar image for handsomegamer

i really liked the first COJ.. Bound in Blood was a great game too, maybe even better than the first one but The Cartel sucked balls.. i just hope it returns to its roots

Avatar image for saoe

average game but it has potential. if they make new game well i might just buy it.

Avatar image for metalkid9

It will never be as good as RDR. Not even close. Ubisoft needs to do something very different and innovative with the series. They have to make it as good as AC3, if not better.

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

@metalkid9 No they don't, up until The Cartel things were fine the way they were,

Avatar image for Gen007

COJ has had a rocky track record and yet they stick with it which is rare these these days. I can respect it but they should try to actually make it something amazing.

Avatar image for Shakezulah

I want another story and character-driven western with the McCall brothers. Ray McCall is too good of a character to not be in another game.

Avatar image for EKGProd

Here's the thing about Call of Juarez. The first one wasn't great, but it was solid. It was easy to see how they can greatly improve upon the foundation and make a truly great game. And that's exactly what they did. Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, the sequel, is a truly great game. They improved upon everything. The characters were incredibly well voice acted. The story had depth and meaning, and wasn't just there to give you an excuse to shoot things.

The level design, graphics, music, everything was greatly improved over the original. It was a fantastic game that showed the talent Techland has when they put their minds to something. So naturally I was really looking forward to the third in the series when it was announced. And boy, what a serious drop in quality. I mean, we went from filet mignon to mechanically separated beef. Absolutely everything took a serious hit.

The characters were boring and poorly voiced. The story was incredibly stupid, bland and boring. The level design was some of the worst I have ever seen in a shooter. I mean it was so bland, so generic, it felt like they just slapped whatever assets they had together and called it a level. None of the levels had any sense of pacing. It felt so empty, like it didn't have a soul. I literally mean it when I say everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong.

The third game is by far one of my most disappointing games of all time. It was s massive letdown. It was cheap, lazy, poorly developed garbage that had no business being made, let alone put on store shelves. If they truly are making another one, let it be known that this franchise has seen its ups and downs, but if the main Techland crew is making it, you can be sure it will be great. If they throw it to their B Team like they did with the last one, run as far away as you can.

Avatar image for davedrastic

@EKGProd I really liked The Cartel.

I'd admit that the story and characters were generic, and probably the level design too, but for me I didn't take issue with that. Story is never a strong point for an FPS, or certainly rarely, and the premise of fighting against a Mexican drug cartel strikes me as fairly unique. I don't think i've played against a cartel before. Oh, I suppose - Quantum of Solace - to be honest I have no ideas who the baddies were in that game.

In terms of level design, yes it was very linear, but I don't have a problem with that. I like FPSs to be fairly simple, I don't want to get overly confused. But I also found with The Cartel, that you had to run from one cover point to the other, and as I recall, you didn't really have particulaly good cover mechanics - which was good as it didn't over simplify things.

I thought there were some bugs - such as a very shakey gun, that could have been ironed out, but overall I thought it was great.

It seemed to me to be very similar to a high energy, high violence episode of CSI Miami or whatever cop / detective show.

And it did have unique and innovative elements, such as the whole good cop / bad cop dichotemy. The picking up of special items etc.

I had the game on pre-order and cancelled it when it looked to be weak, and I picked it up in the GAME sales. I very nearly let this one slide, but I'm glad I didn't.

Bound In Blood was very good too, but the story line on that was pretty cheesy, and the horse riding was very weak.

Personally I think I'd be more interested in a sequel to The Cartel than I would a sequel to BIB, or indeed a completely new setting, I can only hope that they get enough time and money to bake the game to perfection because they deserve to get a monster hit.

Avatar image for Srdjann

@EKGProd well said sir, I agree with you.

Avatar image for gamingfrendly

the last one sucked they should go back to the wild west

Avatar image for shaggyaz

Comone Techland bring it back to the wild west,the first two were great!

Avatar image for billwood661

If a single picture can tell a story, this looks less like a drug-infused modern retelling and more like a traditional Western. Good.

Avatar image for immortality20

This series always looked very subpar to me, never tried one. But I hope this new looks great.

Avatar image for Legolas_Katarn

Hoping it is nothing like The Cartel

Avatar image for Son_of_Bmore

I hope it's a mix up & Activision posted their new Gn image on the wrong website

Avatar image for Son_of_Bmore


Avatar image for arial55

Avatar image for brain20035

Cartel was a disgrace!

Avatar image for deactivated-57bac25e99ee3

Just so long as they take the series back to the Wild West, add in the coop play that was missing from Bound in Blood and stick with the Mcall family rather than stereotypical police we'll hopefully have another great western FPS on our hands

Avatar image for Bamul

The first two were great - I hope they return to that style.

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