Call of Juarez gets demo

Answer the Call of Juarez with the new 548.6MB single-player demo of the FPS based on America's Wild, Wild West.


Call of Juarez

Gamers looking to try out something that isn't the latest PC first-person shooter based on a science-fiction or military setting may want to inspect today's demo for Ubisoft's Call of Juarez, which is set during America's Wild West era. Powered by developer Techland's Chrome engine, Call of Juarez straps players into the role of not one but two Americans--named Reverend Ray and Billy--living during the country's ruthless time period, where they battle outlaws with trusty six-shooters until sundown. The 548.6MB single-player demo features one-level play-throughs with both characters. For information on Call of Juarez, check out GameSpot's previous hands-on coverage or download the demo.

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