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Call Of Duty's Iconic Nuketown Map Has Been Made In Lego Fortnite

Fortnite may not have an official crossover with COD, but one player has recreated the iconic map in Lego Fortnite.


Players are getting crafty with the newly released Lego Fortnite, a Lego-branded survival-crafting mode within Fortnite that plays fairly similarly to Minecraft. With all the crafting and building tools available in the new mode, Redditor u/claudesfeet made a faithful, if blocky, recreation of Call of Duty's Nuketown map.

The player posted a video runthrough of their version of COD's Nuketown, an eerie map set within a nuclear testing facility. The Lego Fortnite version shows the familiar streets, vehicles, and buildings, though its creator notes that one building and vehicle aren't quite finished yet.

Unlike Fortnite's main battle royale mode, Lego Fortnite doesn't allow for PvP at the current time, meaning players can't play a proper shootout in this version of Nuketown. The game mode doesn't have an official roadmap at this point either, so it's unclear whether PvP will ever be on the cards.

Even though Lego Fortnite has only been out since early December, players are already getting creative with its building tools. Earlier this month, another Reddit user showed off a recreation of iconic Lord Of The Rings fortress Helms Deep using Lego Fortnite's castle building pieces.

While Lego Fortnite is a survival-crafting game by default, players have the option to turn off survival aspects, such as hunger or temperature, when creating a new world. For more on the new Fortnite game mode, check out our guide.

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