Call of Duty: XP Tickets - Time Is Running Out!

Call of Duty XP tickets.


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There is less than a week for you to get your ticket to the Call of Duty Experience event on September 2-3. With several chances to win, you can still get your ticket to this exclusive event in Los Angeles.

The event comes with an MW3 tournament with 1 Million Dollars. That's right: $1,000,000 of cold hard cash. There will also be a live paintball event where they will be taking you on a re-creation of The Pit. For your chance to win a ticket, go to this video, click like and subscribe. You can also provide a video or text response about why you think you should win! While everyone has a chance to win, providing an intertaing and creative response will increase your chances to win. So come on GameSpot, COD: XP tickets are just waiting to be claimed!

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