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Call Of Duty WW2's New War Mode Makes Multiplayer Feel Fresh

A new mode for an old war.

Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer debuted with a trailer during Sony's E3 press conference last week. Aside from playable female soldiers, a Destiny-like social space, and the new Divisions mode, which replaces the series' create a class system, we came into E3 knowing very little about WWII's multiplayer.

During E3, however, I got a chance to sit down and play a few matches. I learned a lot more about Divisions and loadouts, but most notably, I got my hands on the brand-new, narrative-driven War mode. And while Team Deathmatch is still fast-paced and fun with WWII weapons, War stands out as the mode that will make me keep coming back to WWII's multiplayer.

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War casts you as either the Axis or Allies in a scripted scenario. The mission I played had the Allies escorting a tank through an Axis-controlled area with the Axis team defending. The first step as the Allies was to take control of a building by capturing a point inside. Next, we had to rebuild a bridge while under Axis fire, which is done by approaching and holding a button, similar to performing repairs in CoD's past Zombies modes. Each objective is timed, and failure to complete a section within the set amount of time as the Allies meant an Axis victory (for this mission, at least).

The biggest difference compared to something like Team Deathmatch or Domination--which we also played in the same sitting--is that I was far more concerned with choosing the right loadout for my team rather than ensuring I had my preferred weapon. That's not new for team-based multiplayer but is incredibly refreshing for Call of Duty, and I relished the chance to try weapons I wouldn't have under typical circumstances. I never snipe in TDM, for example, but I got the chance to try it out in order to cover my teammates who were in the line of fire while rebuilding the all-important bridge. It's a great way to get used to the new Divisions system, too.

I was far more concerned with choosing the right loadout for my team rather than ensuring I had my preferred weapon.

Along those same lines, this structure also provides more room to take on different roles than in other CoD multiplayer modes. As a frequent TDM player, I'm very used to going for a high number of kills and a positive kill-death ratio, so providing smoke grenade support or planting explosives is a nice break from the tried-and-true modes we're all used to. The biggest obstacle is team communication, which wasn't possible in the E3 environment and would have improved our chances of victory quite a bit

Overall, Call of Duty: WWII's multiplayer isn't bogged down by a return to human--rather than superhuman--soldiers. The same classic modes are still fast and require a quick trigger finger, even with slower reload times and much shorter jumps. And some of the best sound design in the series means that gunfire and explosions feel closer and more exhilarating than before. But War is the mode that could reignite my desire to play a ton of CoD multiplayer, and I'm excited to try more during the beta in August.

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Kallie Plagge

Kallie Plagge is GameSpot's Reviews Editor. She loves Pokemon, anime, and Grunt Birthday Party.
Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII

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Avatar image for soarlozer

EA just needs to remaster BF 1942 every 7-10 years. Sorry no WW2 single player can be interesting anymore.

Avatar image for mitchell2211

Fresh shit is still shit

Avatar image for andros0789

They could not remaster normally do for code4. 50 gigabytes is unclear why, on the PC game is not playable

Avatar image for juxax

I gotta say, WW2 looks great as far as cod goes. after activision strong-armed infinity ward out of the way, they lost serious skilled developers.. the sorta people that know how to create AND pace maps and spawns in such a way that creates a choreographed dynamic battle.. something which every fuckin cod since **** knows how long has completely lost.

Now.. maps have bottlenecks and chokepoints, the speed of the carnage is well paced. you don't need 2 lines of coke to get a killstreak.

Avatar image for dawgs97

Have they said how many players it'll be?

Avatar image for deactivated-5a803cda1fb41

@dawgs97: They counted 46 on the demo according to Eurogamer but they advertise it as 2-18 on the Windows store. So it'll be the usual rubbish with small maps and remade cod2/cod5 maps as packs I suppose.


  • Online multiplayer- 2 to 18 players
  • Shared/Split screen
  • Local co-op
  • Online co-op
  • Local multiplayer- 2 players
Avatar image for MuffintopX

Ken Jeong says, "Fresh multiplayer? Not so fresh noooww!"

Avatar image for deactivated-5c1c32e0b8cc8

Lol! New... Ha! CoD is such a waste. They need to NOT release a single game for a few years and completely rebuild the series from the ground up. We need a change like CoD 3 to Modern Warfare.

Avatar image for Greyfox-101

I hope there's an Omaha beach mission for War Mode. I loved the old Day of Defeat 'Charlie' map.

Avatar image for nightbefore

@Greyfox-101: wow that map brings back memories!...wasnt the source one not as fun?

Avatar image for Greyfox-101

@nightbefore: I don't remember there being a remake of Charlie in the Source version. Maybe they added after I stopped playing it?

Avatar image for nightbefore

@Greyfox-101: ah wasnt called charlie it was omaha had no objectives though like no blowing up the wire etc

Avatar image for nataq

Totally excited here ! Yes, Wolfenstein did it 15 years ago... and it was just awesome gameplay mechanics. BF is way too big to my taste so a modern take on Wolfenstein is totally what I was asking for. Very pleased with that direction and I wouldn't be surprised this mod becomes a big success. Yes, for a COD game, I'd say this is fresh :P

Avatar image for uzi9mm

thanks for saving me 40 pounds

Avatar image for tarheelsforever

first of all, im a COD fan AND a Battlefield fan, but i think its pretty clear that COD is biting BF's style when it comes to WW2.

Avatar image for md3blue

@tarheelsforever: agreed

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

I hope its as Good as BF1 or may just have to wait until Dice release a WW2 shooter again ! Haven't played Call of Duty in years so hope its good !

Avatar image for doccobb

Sounds like operations but betteri just hope its not sone 32v32 bullshit. COD has really been slacking lately but i think this one is gonna bring it back to form i like the future games advanced warfare but infinite was just terrible. They need to get rid of infinity ward completly 2 worst games ghosts and IW nuff said

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@doccobb: I hope the War mode does include more players .. with the power of Modern consoles why limit all Game modes to small teams .. WW2 had some epic battles !

Avatar image for doccobb

@ltjohnnyrico: because battlefield does the big 64 player count COD doesn't it is what mainly tells them apart i dont like bf because of camping sniper bitches i would hate to see tje return of camping in COD also dont just steal eveeything titanfall came out and. A few months later advanced warfare they need to stop stealing ideas

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@doccobb: I'm not saying it needs 64 player battles as that wouldn't work for COD but 12 v 12 at least make it feel a little more battle like otherwise its the same old run and gun COD and that would be a shame as they have a chance to include something a little different!

Avatar image for Ohaidere

@ltjohnnyrico: Eh, map design plays a bigger role in making the action in games feel epic. Battlefield 1 is the only game in recent memory where the 64 players really seemed to enhance the game any.

Bigger games in CoD are more of a cluster.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@Ohaidere: Yeah but think they have change to really make and design some great maps too .. no reason why they cant have a few bigger maps ! especially if its called war mode .. 6 v 6 is hardly a war. Just saying they don't just need to stick to the CQB run and gun style .. they can change it up a bit !

Avatar image for lwitzo

Play that mode in 2003, why they are saying is a new mode, in return to castle wolfstein: enemy territory

Avatar image for makoshark222

@lwitzo: It was 2001.

Avatar image for lwitzo

@makoshark222: return to castle wolfstein was 2001, enemy territory was 2003

Avatar image for wearelegion5000

CoD and 'fresh' :)

Avatar image for ganondorf77

Uuuu, a new mode, FALSE.

Avatar image for drunkenpl

I like this totally new mode that makes it fresh! Or... Oh no wait I played it in Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Enemy Territory 15 years ago.

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

Yeah... no

Nothing in this new war mode made Call of Duty feel fresh.

The game trailer showed teamwork, I saw none of that when the game mode was actually played.

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

If its just the same old running and gunning then they will have missed a trick (and certainly won't feel fresh), they have the chance to make a really good shooter here, Running around a battlefield like a loon will only get you killed they should discourage that type of playstyle ! That being Said this War mode does sound good so will check it out and see whats what.

Avatar image for tom_tucker

I'll stick with BO3. Tired of FPS yearly renewal. People acting like it's a fresh take on COD no it's not.

Avatar image for doccobb

@tom_tucker: your crazy n need to jump on titanfall 2 100 times better than BO3 serious n its mad cheap best fps ive ever played

Avatar image for smalwex

@tom_tucker: I wasnt aware people still actually played Blops 3?

Avatar image for vazzvincent

Move the Payload !!

Avatar image for dudebropartyyo

Running and gunning, very fresh each game lol

Avatar image for chiefwiggum16


Avatar image for STrugglingFool

Funny it seems to me the same COD in another shell.

Avatar image for slypher9

adding new modes is good and all.. but most will still play TDM

Avatar image for andros0789

All the same ancient engine ... no words ... we are fed the same shit for 10 years ... Because they know what they will buy again and again

Avatar image for slypher9

@andros0789: please design a engine they can use...

The thing is if CoD changes engine it will still play the same.. There is hardly a new way to play FPS.. The genre has a tried and true staple and very few is gonna go beyond it

Avatar image for ltjohnnyrico

@slypher9: There are loads of ways to play PFS Games .. I mainly play FPS Games and they vary a lot ! I play Arma 3, Counter Stike, RBS Siege, Battlefield, and more .. and they don't all play the same !

Avatar image for ganondorf77

@slypher9: FALSE. You just don't know how that new way of playing FPS would be. But if you are an honest company, you don't release a single game until you find a new gameplay experience. Period. And you might not come up to different ways of playing fps games, but I do. And this companies hire a lot of thinking people just for gameplay design, well... it seems they do not, but they do. Releasing the same game each year is dishonest. People consuming them is just ignorance and they are destroying the industry as much as these companies are.

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