Call Of Duty: WW2 DLC 2, War Machine, Releases On PS4

New maps and more are now available for Call of Duty: WWII.


The second DLC expansion for Call of Duty: WWII is now available for some players. Activision has released The War Machine map pack on PS4, which introduces a handful of new maps, an additional War mode mission, and other content to the popular WWII shooter.

The War Machine brings three new multiplayer maps to the game: Egypt, Dunkirk, and V2. Egypt has players battling around the Great Pyramids and other familiar landmarks. Dunkirk features a "large, open and dangerous beach area flanked by tight interiors." V2, on the other hand, is an "ultra-fast paced map" set in a secret rocket test site in Germany.

In addition to those maps, The War Machine adds a new War mode mission: Operation Husky. Co-developed with Raven Software, the mission is inspired by the real-life Operation Husky and has players gathering intelligence on the location of enemy ports and transmitting their intel to HQ.

Operation Husky also introduces a new mechanic to the game: dogfights. If players manage to successfully clear the first two stages of the mission, they'll be put in the cockpit of a plane and must defend their bombers while the Axis tries to shoot them down.

Rounding out the DLC pack is a new chapter for Nazi Zombies called The Shadowed Throne. Activision teases that this chapter "takes the Barbarossa storyline to an entirely new level" and is set in Berlin, where Doktor Straub's undead army is attempting to purge the city of Allied forces.

PS4 players can download The War Machine pack now for $15 / £11.59 / AU $20.45. It is also included alongside the first expansion, The Resistance, in Call of Duty: WWII's season pass, which runs for $50 / £40 / AU $65. Activision hasn't announced an Xbox One and PC release date for The War Machine yet, but Call of Duty DLC typically arrives on those platforms a month later.

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