Call Of Duty: WW2 Dev Wanted To Make Advanced Warfare 2

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Call Of Duty: WW2 Dev Wanted To Make Advanced Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII is out now and doing very well, both critically and commercially, but things could have been very different. Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg has said CoD: WWII's developer, Sledgehammer, originally wanted to make a sequel to 2014's Advanced Warfare.

“Sledgehammer wanted to make Advanced Warfare 2," Hirshberg told Newsweek. It's unclear if Activision explicitly denied the developer the chance to make a sequel to Advanced Warfare, but Hirshberg did go on to say he was always confident Sledgehammer could make a great World War II game: "We knew they would become historians, that they would tackle it with authenticity, give it tremendous care, and we also knew they would capture the unspeakable scale of World War II."

Hirshberg had previously said Call of Duty: WWII is the "right game at the right time" after three futuristic Call of Duty games in a row. Hirshberg also called last year's Infinite Warfare--the last of those three futuristic games in a row that started with Advanced Warfare--"the wrong game at the wrong moment" after its underwhelming commercial performance.

It seems the decision to go back to World War II was a good one for Activision--Call of Duty: WWII's launch sales are double those of Infinite Warfare, and critical reception has been positive, too. In our Call of Duty: WWII review, critic Miguel Concepcion wrote: "As one of the most comprehensive and filler-free Call of Dutys in recent memory, Call of Duty: WWII successfully capitalizes on the series' strengths."

For more on Sledgehammer's huge title, check out our guide on how to get the Tesla Gun in Zombies Mode or take a look at the quest that rewards you for watching other players open loot boxes. You can also explore the history of Call of Duty's WWII games or see our Call of Duty: WWII multiplayer tips.

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Avatar image for slypher9

..while COD makes it money because of MP... The reason Infinite Warfare didn't sell well wasn't because it was futuristic.. I was because despite having the best CoD story or the last 3 entries, the MP was essentially Black OPS 3 BUT worse... and friends told friends and it killed it..

All Infinity Ward had to do was make CoD Ghost 2 BUT fix all the probs it had in MP, like size of maps, spawn points, and hit detection.... instead they crafted Black Ops 3.5 and did it worse

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Good thing they did. I think they would have gotten some backlash on that. I probably would have skipped it.

Avatar image for lorddaggeroff

Funny how these employees stay with the employed company rather do a cliff blazinski.

If you want to make a game do so, if not stay there. After all it's about the code.

Avatar image for santinegrete

No creative freedom from Activision? What a surprise.

Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

@santinegrete: Lol "My house, my rules! Don't like it? Fund games yourself and get out!"

Avatar image for santinegrete

@PSYCHOV3N0M: how I wish Raven Software did that. They made great games before CoD went anual release.

Avatar image for Ohaidere

Would have skipped it like a diseased hooker.

AW was awful.

Only CoD I bought and didn't even max once in MP.

Easily one of the worst MP games I've ever played. Like no joke, I hoped SH would be shut down to prevent the world from having to have another AW game.

WW2 isn't bad, but I'd rather have had Treyarch dev it.

Avatar image for cobsohn

AW was my favorite COD and I was really looking forward to AW2. I love all the future ones. WWII is great but it doesn't compare. I'm definitely going to play more IW this year because it's still the newest and best scifi shooter. Unfortunately Destiny 2 was the only new scfi shooter this year and I'm not going down that road again.

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

@cobsohn: I would say you are one of few that say AW was their favorite. Or you are too young to have played the first 5 or so games.

Avatar image for cobsohn

@Shantmaster_K: lol I've been playing them since 2. But maybe that's why WWII isn't ground-breaking.

Avatar image for batusai4ever

@cobsohn: I personally enjoy IW a lot, have played the heck out of it. FYI - I've played all COD's since Modern Warfare on PS3 and bought IW for COD Remaster but this PS4 version literally sucks. Nothing like the original and everyone is only camping with a sniper rifle. The graphics, visibility and motion suck as well. I'll pick up Destiny 2 and NBA 2k18 during the BF sale as I enjoy the fluid gameplay of Destiny and according to everyone is way better than the first. May pick up Injustice 2 but still on the fence on that one.

Anyone know of an Xbox One S 1TB Black Friday deal? I only see the ones of 500GB.

Avatar image for PSYCHOV3N0M

@batusai4ever: "as I enjoy the fluid gameplay of Destiny 2 and according to everyone is way better than the first."

Not sure where you heard that because I heard that according to "everyone", Destiny 2 is too much more of the same that Destiny 1 was.

Avatar image for DarthMac10

Sledgehammer's next game should be Advanced Warfare 2. Despite AW being the weakest of the advanced movement games, it will probably be the right time.

Sledgehammer and/or Raven and Infinity Ward should be on a three genre rotation. SHG took legacy warfare in 2017, IW takes a modern warfare setting for 2019 and SHG makes Advanced Warfare 2 for 2020, then IW takes legacy warfare in 2022 and so on. That way you get each of those settings at least once every 4 years. Treyarch, meanwhile, gets to make whatever they want because they have earned it by doing their best work when left to their own devices.

Avatar image for inebriantia

Meh, picked it up, haven't been impressed. Typical CoD just old weapons. Still bad spawns, still quick scopers, still bad netcode, not enough change.10 maps is disappointing, only 3 War maps the best mode is a bummer.

The classes barely change much, and are kinda pointless. The 7hr campaign was basic. Zombies is great, but not worth just for that when stuff like Killing Floor 2 is out there.

Avatar image for nintendians

i already abandoned COD since ghosts, last good COD game i played and like the most is MW3.

Avatar image for asneakypoptart

I would have skipped over CoD like I have the last two years. I only get CoD games for the campaign and this one looks great so I'll eventually get it. Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare don't interest me in the slightest.

Avatar image for gamernerdvlog

Were glad that they went the WW2 route. I got really lost when they started going futuristic and they strayed too far from what title made them great for me, which was Modern Warfare. Exposing present military tactics and putting it into a video game was amazing. Then it got ridiculous and stupid after that. However, I understand that they wanted to appeal to the multiplayer crowd. Single player campaign became optional and I haven't even finished MW2 because friends kept inviting me to play multiplayer lol.

Good to WW2 release, Blah to any more advanced warfare.

Avatar image for fox_fury

Just finished the campaign last night and its great! Like watching some of the great WW2 movies like Private Ryan or the Band of Brothers series.
AW had a nice story too, but this one is something else just because you know all this actually happened in WW2 albeit with a bit of 'murica feel to it. :)

Avatar image for giantming

AW2 wouldn't have Kevin Spacey's character since he died. Wouldn't land then in trouble at least.

Avatar image for Archangel3371

Looking forward to getting this game but I certainly wouldn’t have mind Advanced Warfare 2 either.

Avatar image for xnshd

glad they didnt. then again i didnt want WW2 but i got it. go back to modern warfare what actually made cod good.

Avatar image for bumpyface

I would of took AW2 over WW2 but hey, I'll spend my $65 on BF2.

Avatar image for khanwashere

The gaming community has been demanding a return to WWII and that's exactly what we got. I think the game is great. The campaign is anyway...

Avatar image for Fartman7998

I'm not sure if that's better or worse! The Steam reviews have soured what little interest I had in WW2. Between the historical inconsistencies, anachronisms, and the bizarre reluctance to show Nazis as they are, I am convinced that I'll never play this game. On the other hand, I haven't played COD since Black Ops 2, so maybe a second Advanced Warfare might have had something I wanted? I don't know anymore. The BS from COD got to me and now I am simply done with it.

Avatar image for khanwashere

@Fartman7998: CoD WWII is pretty great, too bad there are no games that are historically accurate enough for you. Wolfenstein must drive you nuts.

Avatar image for Fartman7998

@khanwashere: Apples and oranges. Wolfenstein is historical fiction, science-fiction, taking place in an alternate reality. WWII is supposed to be...well, World War 2! It is not an alternate history or science-fiction, it is meant to be a recreation of the second world war with a believable period accurate campaign. Countless people have pointed out many incorrect things about it. The mistakes were sloppy and made because the developer didn't care, not because it didn't matter.

So, try again, friend.

Avatar image for Smosh150

@Fartman7998: Indeed, Wolfenstein is an alternate reality and allows for the freedom of not presenting everything correctly because it is the "possible future" of Nazi Germany (Albeit it is science fiction so we know much of it is impossible). I personally love alternate history of WW2 so that was quite appealing to me.

Though I am with you on historical accuracy (Most games like Hearts of Iron I try to get every piece of immersion and what not with mods), but this is CoD and expecting historical accuracy is about as expected as it being a milsim. Treat the game as something other than a historically accurate game and you can still enjoy it, even if it isn't what you wanted.

Best we are going to get when it comes to shooters for awhile is the Red Orchestra series (Aside from the Iron Front and I44 mods for the ARMA series [Though it isn't up to standard with mods like RHS unfortunately. Which I consider to be of more quality than vanilla]).

It's unfortunate, but we just have to make do with how WW2 is often presented in most games, otherwise there will be nothing to play. I'd suspect that some of the lack of accuracy such as the missing Swastikas comes down to fear of backlash due to the state of our society (Especially when you can play as the Germans [Which is understandable for a company] and that some even take offense at that only). Plus there is Germany itself, gotta make the game sell there (Though they could just do a German version, or Germany could finally include video games within the "arts" category as just about every other piece of media is). It's sad is all I can say.

Edit: Despite me liking historical accuracy, I will still play this game. It was fun and anything is better than nothing when it comes to mainstream games.

Avatar image for khanwashere

@Fartman7998: I don't need to.

Avatar image for Fartman7998

@khanwashere: 1v1 me scrub

Avatar image for Brakkyn

I liked Advanced Warfare. The story was alright. It was an alright game overall. It's just one game in a bloated franchise and genre, so it and games like it get a lot of hate.

If the developers/publishers would just SLOW IT THE HECK DOWN with releases, I think they'd all be better received.

Avatar image for jako998

Well they made the right choice in making ww2 instead of advanced warfare but honestly don't be surprised if they make make a sequel to advance warfare in the near future

Avatar image for johnholmes1099

@jako998: My thoughts exactly. These game news 'stories' are often just thinly veiled promotions of what is coming on the horizon. My guess, COD: Advanced Warfare 2, from Sledgehammer in their next 3 year cycle, in 2020, to nicely show off the power of the PS 5. Now, the very idea of a sequel has already been planted in gamer's minds.

Avatar image for DragonessAthena

Considering it ended with what was basically a "To be continued", yeah, a sequel would have been nice. At least it wasn't like Ghosts which ended with a cliffhanger and never got a sequel..

Avatar image for dominoodle

Advanced warfare was the only COD I enjoyed. /Shrug

The mobility made the game more than a "who shoots first" contest. But I guess that's not what COD players want.

Avatar image for DarthMac10

@dominoodle: You should try Black Ops 3. It's far less instakill than AW and quickscoping is kept to a minimum because there's no autoaim on snipers.

Avatar image for Lach0121

I never minded the future setting.

What I didn't like was the damn jet packs, and boosting everywhere. That is irritating.

Avatar image for WarFox89

Finally they got it. We sick of futuristic/sci-fi games. History and Modern warfare is the best playground :)

Avatar image for jergernice123

@WarFox89: couldnt disagree more.....but ok...

Avatar image for WarFox89

@jergernice123: I can understand you. It's very subjective :)

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

Dodged a bullet there. The Advanced Warfare movement was so over the top... I remember when WAW came out me and my friends use to joke about a futuristic COD and it going to outer space (no lie)

Avatar image for davillain-

I would've love to see Advanced Warfare 2 actually if they can bring back Kevin Spacey cause that was the best thing about the first Advanced Warfare, Kevin Spacey as Jonathan Irons. Also I really enjoy Advanced Warfare, it's one of CoD games I had fun.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@davillain-: You may have missed the news about Spacey on the bright side he can be a sexual deviant assaulting the MC in AW2!

Avatar image for davillain-

@gamingdevil800: Yeah, I heard he's cut out in a movie and I never took him for a sexual deviant but I guess you'll never know what to expect from folks nowadays.

Avatar image for lordstrategery

@davillain-: House of Cards has been canceled too. Apparently touching teenage boys and sexually assaulting women, in Hollywood, is a big problem. He won't be seeing work for a while.

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

@gamingdevil800: At least he didn't try sexually assaulting me in Advanced Warfare...

He just tried killing me, I guess that's alright :)

Avatar image for chiefwiggum16

That would have been the last nail in the coffin for me.

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