Call Of Duty: WW2 Dev Responds To Zombies Leak, Says Video Is Unfinished

The full reveal is coming up this week.


The reveal trailer for Call of Duty: WWII's Zombies mode is expected to be shown during the big San Diego Comic-Con panel this week. But the reveal hasn't gone entirely to plan for Activision, as the trailer, or at least a version of it, has leaked.

You know how to use the internet and you can find the video if you want. But the developers at Sledgehammer Games are hoping you'll wait to see the final version (via DualShockers). The official Sledgehammer account and co-founder Michael Condrey responded to the leak, saying they are disappointed that fans might see an unfinished version of the trailer instead of the real deal. Condrey went further and said the industry needs a "full force rejection of leaks at scale." The executive added that it's "hard for everyone on the team not to have the final version be the 1st one seen"

The full Zombies reveal trailer is expected to be shown during the Call of Duty: WWII panel on July 20. Activision has already been teasing the event by confirming David Tennant and Elodie Yung's involvement and with the creepy tweets below.

During the Comic-Con panel, Activision will reveal the "twisted new vision" for Call of Duty Zombies. What we do know about Call of Duty: WWII's Zombies mode is that it is an "entirely new story and a pretty horrifying experience," and it will tell "the story of the Third Reich's desperate attempt to create an army in the final stages of the war."

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Avatar image for alucardswrath

whats the difference, in the end it's still "guard window, run, shoot and die after numerous waves" same boring shit. Why not actually do something different and add some story and campaign to it.

Avatar image for LonelyHippie27

Bullshit, it wasn't considered finished until people said how shitty it looked. COD is for suckers

Avatar image for SingletreeAve

I hope you don't watch the shit that we intentionally leaked (wink wink).

Avatar image for Starshine_M2A2

I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. I want this to be a winner.

Avatar image for deactivated-5b2c8e0382c99

Zombies are the worst part of CoD games. This fad needs to go away.

Avatar image for xnshd

i don't get why devs cry so bad about a leak. Condreys statement about a full force rejection of leaks is just ridiculous. got news for the man if things get leak people are gonna watch it.

Avatar image for dante9006

Zombies was fun when it wasn't in every single game. Now all CoD developers do it and the novelty died for it.

Avatar image for se7en1989

Why are they even calling it nazi zombies when there aren't even nazis in it? I watched the leaks and there's iron cross flags all over the place. That shit is stupid and doesn't even make sense....what a joke lmao they should call it wehrmacht zombies since this dev team is too pussy to show a swastika in a rated M world war 2 shooter....dumb sjw's.

Avatar image for oneligas

Why are people trashing this?

It looks like they have reinvented the wheel here with zombies.

There is a good chance it's not a cookie cutter copy cat of Treyarch's zombies.

Avatar image for alucardswrath

@oneligas: because it's the same boring crap with no real point to it.

Avatar image for obinordanic

@oneligas: Did u noticed? This zombie has some sort of exo suit?

Avatar image for biggamerdude

its not gonna be amazing. Zombies in cod games are honestly so boring nowadays. They milked zombies more than cod itself

Avatar image for darksouls

@biggamerdude: I do have to say, the only fun thing about COD is the Zombies. Its been milked but at least the Black Ops Zombies are always good for an hour or two of fun.

Avatar image for fig56

@biggamerdude: You know how it's going to be from first hand experience I presume?

Avatar image for biggamerdude

@fig56: after playing cod for at least 8 years, yes I know what the game is gonna be like. They barely change it up anyway.

WW2 is trying to be different in the MP, and I respect that, but the zombies is pretty much what I'm expecting it to be.

Avatar image for fig56

@biggamerdude: They barely change it? I wouldn't say that adding jet packs, boost jumping, wall running, super moves, outer space battles and supply drops is "barely changing it". WW2 is going back to where it used to be. Also the zombies in WW2 might be way more serious than the silly characters and crazy guns and crazy silly story than previous the previous ones. Guess we wait and see.

Avatar image for vfighter

@fig56: Most of the big changes felt like shit, the jumping, wall running, etc was all half assed because they didn't use a new game engine and forced that crap into an already way outdated quake 2 engine. But even with those changes the games still felt like your average CoD game, again because of the outdated game engine. I have zero faith that the new WW2 is going to fair any better.