Call Of Duty: WW2 Beta Replaces Match-Ending Killcam With Overwatch-Esque Play Of The Game

Another change is in store for this year's Call of Duty.

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For years, Call of Duty matches have been capped off with a killcam that shows a replay of the final kill. However incredible or boring it might have been, it was always that last moment being highlighted. That apparently is not the case in Call of Duty: WWII, if the beta--which launched early--is any indication.

If you watched our recent livestream (check it out above), you may have noticed that matches outside of War mode are capped off with something new. Instead of the final kill, it shows a replay of what the game seems to be interpreting as a key or otherwise impressive moment, much like what Overwatch does with its Play of the Game replay.

Around the 45:38 mark, for instance, you can see how a pair of kills pulled off by our own Rob Handlery warranted such a replay. It also demonstrates that the game's judgment on which moments to feature might need a bit of improvement.

With this new system, we'll hopefully see fewer unexciting or unimportant kills being highlighted. Aside from having the potential to showcase more exciting clips, this new system may discourage players from attempting trickshots or following the final kill with, shall I say, lude gestures.

Although Overwatch wasn't the first game to have a Play of the Game-style sequence, it has helped to popularize the feature. But at least as of yet, its post-game awards screen--where players vote for the performance of a player from the match--hasn't made its way into Call of Duty.

This final killcam change is far from the only one in the game. Among other things, there's the new War mode, the Divisions system (replacing the Pick 10 create-a-class setup), and the Headquarters social space (which we won't get to try until the full game launches). The ongoing beta runs on PS4 until August 28 and will be followed by a beta on PS4 and Xbox One from September 1-4. Access to both betas requires a code, which you can get by pre-ordering or having Comcast Xfinity internet service.

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