Call Of Duty: WW 2 Server Issues Prompt Closure Of Leaderboards And More Temporary Changes

If you ran into issues, you weren't alone.

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Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: World War II launched on Friday, and, as expected, it saw a huge amount of interest. The game was so popular that the servers ran into issues due to the "extremely high demand," developer Sledgehammer Games said in a blog post today.

All platforms were impacted. Some couldn't find multiplayer matches. Others had a poor experience with the game's online features in general. In general, people experienced "mixed online connectivity," Sledgehammer said.

As a result, Sledgehammer made back-end changes, one of which was the enabling of "higher capacity load balancers," which the studio said improved the connectivity issues. Perhaps the bigger change, however, is that Sledgehammer changed the Headquarters social space to make it solo. Normally, it's populated with lots and lots of people, like Destiny's Tower. But to help with the issues, Sledgehammer is making it a "solo experience" for now, though you can expect it to return to normal "shortly." In the meantime, you can manually invite friends to join you in the HQ.

Additionally, Sledgehammer temporarily deactivated leaderboard updates, and you can rest assured that your stats are being recorded so when the service comes back online, all of your progress should be reflected. These changes have already paid off, Sledgehammer said, noting that connectivity is already improved. As always, your mileage may vary; if you're encountering issues, you can reach out to Activision at this Twitter account @ATVIAssist.

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Sledgehammer also acknowledged a problem where players lost their multiplayer progression. The studio isolated the bug and fixed it. For most players, they lost 5 or fewer levels. That's a bummer, for sure, and if it happened to you, you can contact Activision on Twitter to see what can be done. Sledgehammer said, "We realize losing progression is very frustrating. We are committed to making it up to the affected players. If you were affected, please reach out to @ATVIAssist for help."

Finally, Sledgehammer thanked fans for their patience and understanding during Call of Duty: WWII's launch weekend. "We're extremely grateful for all of the enthusiasm, and couldn't be more excited to have launch weekend here," the studio explained.

GameSpot's Call of Duty: WWII review scored it a 9/10. Reviewer Miguel Concepcion said, "As one of the most comprehensive and filler-free Call of Dutys in recent memory, Call of Duty: WWII successfully capitalizes on the series' strengths."

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