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Call Of Duty: Warzone's New Map Is Fast-Paced, Short-Lived Fun

Rebirth Island should also be a new location in Warzone's main map.


Among the new additions to Call of Duty: Warzone which have arrived as part of its integration with Black Ops Cold War is a new map. But this isn't a full-scale map on par with Verdansk. Instead, it's a compact, densely populated island about the size of two of Verdansk's named locations. Matches are quick and packed with fights--providing a nice change of pace from the sprawling landscapes that players have become accustomed to with Warzone's main map.

The fact that Rebirth Island feels so good shows that Warzone is in need of something new for its standard mode and map. Many players wish Rebirth Island were added to Verdansk as a new location alongside its current placement as a special mode for three-person squads. They're frustrated that this has been one of few major changes to the game in its first year, and it's not even an original area. It's taken directly from Black Ops 4's battle royale mode, Blackout.

Rebirth Island is a repurposed map from Black Ops 4.
Rebirth Island is a repurposed map from Black Ops 4.

Rebirth Island is fast-paced because it's tied to a special game mode that lets you respawn without the Gulag for most of the match. Your entire team needs to die before the final few circles in order for you to get knocked out. You'll almost always be in spitting distance of another team due to that mechanic. It's fun to play, but players would like some diversity in how they're able to approach the battle royale.

Rebirth Island would be great as a new area plopped on the coast of Verdansk, connected to the bigger landmass by one or two bridges. It would add an entire new area for players to explore since it's impossible to explore the island now, you have to constantly fight your way through it.

The island would still be incredibly hectic during regular battle royale matches--at least for the first couple of weeks it's available. Just look at how many people dropped on the stadium when it was first opened. Rebirth Island would get the same amount of attention, while giving players who want less action the opportunity to slow-play the new location.

There are easter eggs on Rebirth Island, just like Verdansk.
There are easter eggs on Rebirth Island, just like Verdansk.

Warzone's newest season started with a bang--but Raven Software and company will need to incorporate this map into the game more. The rebirth mode will definitely grow stale over time and this new island would be great as a named location.

Warzone's newest update merged the battle royale with Black Ops Cold War, introducing a bunch of new content and a ton of bugs. Players lost access to their XP tokens (Raven Software is issuing a fix for that), Black Ops Cold War weapons are broken, and some players even figured out how to turn invisible. At least you can Rick Roll people while you wait for a patch.

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