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Call Of Duty: Warzone--You Can Revive Indefinitely Outside The Death Zone, So Expect A Hotfix

Two players have stumbled upon a major design flaw in the new Call of Duty, but we don't imagine it will remain in there for long.


Call of Duty: Warzone is off to a great start, with over 6 million players in its first 24 hours, and plenty of happy players. But Warzone--which is technically still in Beta--was always bound to have some hiccups, too, and one pair of players has found a big one.

The video below, which was posted to Reddit by the user who recorded it, shows two players winning a Warzone match by staying outside the safe zone and repeatedly reviving each other until the match ends. Once every other player is eliminated, they win by default.

The title of the video, and the Reddit post, ask for this issue to please be fixed--it's potentially game-ruining, and it's been posted to raise awareness of the bug. As such, we can't imagine it'll be possible to pull off this tactic for too long once Activision is aware of it. After all, the first patch rolled out very soon after launch.

Of course, we can't condone doing this, especially if you actually want to enjoy yourself--here are our nine tips for winning while still having a good time. It's a good idea to study the map a bit, too.

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