Call Of Duty: Warzone Will Blow Up Its Verdansk Map And Launch A New Black Ops Theme - Report

The popular free-to-play battle royale game is about to change things up in a very big way, it appears.


Very big changes are coming to Call of Duty: Warzone, as the developers plan to blow up the current map--Verdansk--and replace it with one that is more closely aligned with the theme of Black Ops Cold War. This is according to a report from VGC that claims this transition will happen at the end of Warzone's Season 2, which only just began.

"The change will be marked by an explosive in-game event designed to narratively transition Warzone from the Modern Warfare era, to a setting more in line with the most recent premium series release," VGC reported.

The site said it expects this to happen, narratively, through the nukes that players have discovered across Verdansk that seemingly have no other purpose.

A scene from Warzone Season 2's shipwreck
A scene from Warzone Season 2's shipwreck

As for when to expect this change to happen, the in-game Battle Pass countdown clock for Season 2 expires on April 22, so it could occur sometime around then.

VGC said Activision planned this rumored transition sooner, closer to the launch of Black Ops Cold War in November, but "several factors" led to its delay.

Activision has said on record that Warzone will be the connective tissue that ties together future premium Call of Duty series, and Black Ops Cold War's weapons are already in Warzone. A similar change-up to the Warzone map is also planned for 2021's Call of Duty game, but that transition isn't expected to happen until 2022, if it does at all, VGC said.

Activision has been teasing Black Ops changes for Warzone for some time, and the Season 2 update added new points of interest on the map such as missile silos and a shipwreck overrun by zombies.

Warzone is coming up on its first birthday, as the game originally released in March 2020. It has had an enormously successful first year already, bringing in countless millions of dollars in microtransactions and attracting a massive playerbase.

As for 2021's new Call of Duty game, it's rumored to be in development at Sledgehammer Games and take players back to World War II, but this is only a rumor for now.

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