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Call of Duty: Warzone's Stim Glitch Is Back

The game-breaking bug returned with the most recent update.


One of Call of Duty: Warzone's most infamous glitches has returned, according to a number of players. There have been reports that some players have used the glitch to hide in the storm, healing themselves over and over again, until they are the last person standing.

The glitch takes advantage of Warzone's stim, a piece of tactical equipment that quickly brings you to full health. Players have found a way to break the game and use the stim infinitely, allowing them to survive the gas. Other players are usually left alone in the final circle, doing whatever they can to survive until the storm kills them.

"I posted about the stim glitch returning last night and this is the clip from the game," said Redditor Konspiracy in a thread with another example of someone using the glitch. "Looking at the game stats, the cheater got their win with 0 kills, 11011 damage and 10971 damage taken...I’m not sure how they got so much damage without any kills."

This glitch gained notoriety in Warzone in October, but Raven Software issued a fix that removed it. It looks like it returned with the most recent update that merged the battle royale with Black Ops Cold War.

This is just one of several issues that have come to the battle royale over the past few days. The newly added attack helicopters were making people invisible, pushing the developers to remove them from the game altogether. Players are also unhappy with how the update was implemented; primarily with how poorly Black Ops Cold War weapons work in Warzone.

Outside all the technical issues, the new Rebirth Island map that was added with the update brings a refreshing change of pace to the battle royale. Players hope that the new map is added to Verdansk in a future update.

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