Call Of Duty Warzone Stim Glitch Is Back Again And Trickier Than Ever To Pull Off

This time around, you're going to need a whole lot of in-game cash to pull it off and spam stims to survive the storm.


Call of Duty Warzone's notorious stim glitch has reared its head a fourth time, allowing players to cheat the system and survive in the deadly storm to come out on top. But this one is slightly different from previous iterations.

Calling what players have been experiencing this time around a glitch isn't exactly right, but the effects are basically the same: players who exploit it are able to heal infinitely while hiding in the storm, leaving them the sole survivors of a match.

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If you want to pull the glitch off yourself, we won't tell you how to do it, but know that you'll need a lot of in-game currency to do it. Rather than an actual glitch, this method relies on exploiting loopholes in legal gameplay mechanics by finding ways to rapidly complete Contracts and earn a ton of in-game cash to spend on Munitions Boxes. This isn't a clearly defined coding flaw, so it's not like the past versions of the stim glitch we've seen before, which relied on portions of the game's code that could be exploited.

This isn't the first time the game has faced an issue like this. In 2020, players were mass purchasing gas masks to do basically the same thing. Like the gas mask issue, this one will likely need to be fixed by altering the way Munitions Boxes and/or player item usage works within the gas cloud. Possible solutions could include keeping the Munitions Boxes from spawning within the storm, or limiting the number of stim doses players can give themselves while in the gas.

Regardless of how this exploit is fixed, stims may stay contentious due to their history of glitches. Some players don't want them to stay in the game at all since they can so easily mess with the integrity of the competitive experience. Raven will have to find some kind of solution, as it has for previous bugs and exploits it's dealt with, but it's currently unclear how long a permanent fix will take.

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