Call Of Duty: Warzone -- See The New World Record For Most Battle Royale Kills

One team of players racked up 138 kills in a single match--see how they did it.


Not long after one Call of Duty: Warzone squad set a new world record with 121 kills in a single game of Quads, that record has fallen.

Popular streamer Vikkstar set the record with three teammates from the FaZe Atlanta professional Call of Duty team: Cellium, aBeZy-, and priestahh. At the start of the video, Vikkstar acknowledges that the world record is actually higher, but he claims the other squad did so by creating new accounts that allowed them to matchmake with lower-skill enemies.

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Vikkstar also confirmed that, for this new record, there were 136 players in the Warzone lobby--out of a possible 150. His team was able to get 138 kills because nearly half of players who are killed once are able to respawn through the Gulag system, while teammates can also buy players back. In total, there were 285 kills during the match, so his team got nearly half.

You can check out the full world record match in the video above. As you'll see, the team spread out more than you might expect, and that's because they were intentionally trying to set the record for most kills. You will also notice that they are extremely skilled, so you might be able to borrow some tips and strategies.

In other news, Modern Warfare and Warzone recently added a new DLC based on a real-life Medal of Honor recipient.

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