Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 3 New Verdansk '84 Map Goes Live, Changing The Game Forever

The new Warzone map, Verdansk '84, has arrived with seven new locations and more updates.


Call of Duty: Warzone is now changed forever. The Verdansk map that has been in place since the game's initial launch in March 2020 has now been replaced by Verdansk 84, a new, ‘80s-themed version of the map with a series of changes made to match the retro aesthetic of the most recent Call of Duty game, Black Ops Cold War.

To get here, one player on Rebirth Island pressed the button to set off the nuke. Now that the nuke has gone off, players now drop into a brand-new map, Verdansk '84, which is the new map for the foreseeable future.

Players who were in the game at the time got to see a special cinematic that showed time rewinding back to 1984. You can watch a gameplay trailer for Verdansk '84 below.

There is a new infil sequence in Warzone now that begins with a helicopter instead of the airplane from before. Players will also notice that Verdansk '84 has a springtime mood. It's a lighter theme and vibe. Also you will notice that there is a brand-new Gulag experience.

Verdansk ’84 is not a totally brand-new map, but it does feature seven all-new locations, while existing locations have new layouts, and the environment has been updated.

Here is brief rundown of the new locations:

  • Gora Summit — This is the same map from OG Black Ops. Cable cars actually work, however, and they move between buildings and down to the ground.
  • Verdansk Airport — The airport is no longer destroyed. You can get to the second floor. This makes the airport's control tower less OP because you can snipe back at those in the tower. It plays completely different, according to the developers.
  • Old Mine — This is a new location in the northwest of the map, below the old dam (now Summit). Previously there was limited cover, now there is more.
  • Airplane Factory — This is a new location featuring interior and exterior locations.
  • Verdansk Stadium — It now has a classic American football stadium look and is still under construction. The dome is gone, and you'll find a lot of loot here.
  • Grid Array — A massive structure. First thing that will catch your eye. People will probably flock to it, according to the developers, and it's great for snipers.
  • Karst Salt Mines — Previously the Quarry in the NE section of the map. Quarry was sunken into the ground, making it a so-called death pit. All buildings that were previously locked are now open. It plays a ton better, the developers say.
  • Downtown — Updated as well, less dense. Still one of the most dense areas on the map. When final circle closed there, it was hide and go seek. But now it's less dense. More head to head combat for final circle.
  • Superstore — Has the most new content. New layout, new feel, less camper friendly, according to the developers.
  • The Gulag — Completely redone, gives players more options for movement. A plywood house on the side of the arena has a second-floor players can access.
  • Stadium — Under construction now. The field is littered with heavy machinery and large crates. The stands themselves aren't finished yet. There is a large gap in the stands where construction hasn't finished

For lots more on Season 3, check out the full patch notes for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, which cover things like bug fixes, new weapons, and more.

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