Call Of Duty: Warzone Season 2 Will Bring Bomber Planes And Lots Of Toxic Gas

Love is in the air, and so is toxic gas.


Activision has released the roadmap for Call of Duty: Warzone's upcoming Season 2. The new content will arrive on February 14, featuring limited-time modes, bomber planes, and new tactics revolving around chemical warfare.

Chemical Warfare Tactics

As revealed in the Season 2 cinematic trailer, the Nazis have developed a chemical weapon known as Project Nebula. This Nebula V gas is set to bring a new tactical element to Warzone, with Nebula V being used for new ammo types and very toxic bombs.

Season 2 will introduce the new Nebula V Ammo as a Field Upgrade in Warzone. Activision describes this new ammo as being no stronger than regular bullets, but the bullets will emit a poisonous gas cloud when an operator is downed by them. This will make it harder to revive fallen teammates, as anyone attempting to revive or standing within a few feet of the downed player will face gas exposure. The effects of this exposure include coughing, blurred vision, and a slight amount of damage over time.

Season 2 roadmap
Season 2 roadmap

One of the rarest items in Season 2 will be the Nebula V Bomb, which is a locked briefcase full of deadly gas with an explosive charge. Once activated and set down in front of an operator, it will detonate after a fixed countdown and cannot be disarmed or destroyed. The bombs initial explosion will deal a high amount of damage in a small radius, where the gas lingers for two minutes before eventually dispersing.

Players looking to get their hands on one of these new gas bombs should watch for Caldera's newest vehicle threat. Armored transport trucks will be deployed and carry Nebula V around the island. These steel trucks will move around Caldera on a remotely looping path, attacking players within its immediate vicinity with machine-gun turrets. As a second line of defense, the armored vehicles will drop mines it drops behind it, as well as call in aerial support if they drop to low health. Taking down one of these armored transports sounds like a tough time, but destroying them will drop incredibly valuable items, including the chance to loot a new Nebula V Bomb.

New armored transport trucks
New armored transport trucks

To counter the new gas threats in Caldera, Raven Software is introducing the Portable Decontamination Station, which is a portable device that filtrates air for several seconds. This equipment protects anyone inside from both the gas from the circle collapses or the new Nebula V gas threats. However, the equipment can also be risky to use, as these devices are marked on the map, allowing everyone to see where they are currently activated. Additionally, these portal stations can be destroyed by explosives or ballistics.

More points of interest

The Chemical Factory location
The Chemical Factory location

Players will be able to explore new points of interest on Caldera. Keeping with the gas theme, the Chemical Factory and Chemical Weapon Research Labs are being introduced in Season 2. The Chemical Factory is said to have high-quality loot, and there will be seven of the Chemical Weapon Research Labs to explore. One notable change with these new locations is the addition of armed NPCs. Seemingly taking a page from games like Fortnite, these new areas are said to be guarded by squads of soldiers.

New aerial combat

Bomber planes are also arriving to Caldera for the Vanguard-themed playlists, and these new aerial vehicles are going to offer players new ways to be devious on the map. The bomber has an aerial strike capable of taking out players and vehicles. Bombers can also destroy loadout drops. Players looking to protect their loadout drops can destroy the bombers with the standard fighter planes or one of Caldera's AA Guns.

Limited-time modes

Season 2 will feature two limited-time modes with Caldera Clash and Rebirth Iron Trials.

Caldera Clash is more of a twist on Team Deathmatch, as it pits two teams of up to 48 Operators in a Deathmatch with events and power-ups. Activision says this mode is an evolution of Clash from Verdansk '84, and it allows players to drop in with their custom loadout. Each kill earns their team a point, with the first team to reach a set number of points, or the team that has the most points when the time limit expires claiming the win. This mode features three power-ups with Contracts, Buy Stations, the Domination Capture and High Value Target events, as well as other features from the original Clash.

Rebirth Iron Trials is set to arrive later in Season 2, which brings Verdansk's previously introduced "hard mode" to Rebirth Island. This is a duos mode with 20 squads of two, and uses a similar circle collapse size and speed as the previous Iron Trials mode. Activision says this mode is built for the most hardcore members of the community, but players of all skill levels should try this mode if they want a change of pace. Claiming an Iron Trials victory will award a unique animated calling card.

The new features for Season 2 sound like they have the potential to shake up the Warzone. Activision also says Season 2 will include a number of quality-of-life changes to continue to improve the state of the battle royale. Call of Duty's publisher is currently being acquired by Microsoft, pending regulatory approval, but the deal isn't expected to go through until later this year.

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