Call Of Duty: Warzone Players Are Unhappy About Black Ops Cold War Weapons

They don't match up to Modern Warfare weapons.


Call of Duty: Warzone now includes 30 new weapons from Black Ops Cold War and players are having trouble adapting to them. They've found that the new weapons are at a disadvantage compared to ones that have been in Warzone since March.

"These guns cannot and will not be able to compete with the current Modern Warfare guns," said Redditor ruckh in a thread about the new update. "It boils down to the attachments--specifically the barrel, the suppressors, and the grips."

Black Ops Cold War weapons were brought to Warzone with all of their original attachments and stat types--which are different to the ones used in Modern Warfare and Warzone. The attachments they do have can't compete with ones that were available before the update.

The MAC-10 is one of the best new weapons in Warzone.
The MAC-10 is one of the best new weapons in Warzone.

"I am shocked this is how it played out," said another player. "I thought Cold War guns were going be deliberately better, including at least one outright broken gun, to try to spur Cold War purchases."

Players have theorized that Black Ops Cold War weapons would be stronger than current Warzone weapons in order to encourage players to purchase the standalone game. Instead they've found that the recoil and lack of certain attachments for the new guns gives them a big disadvantage when compared to guns like the Kilo. Most of the ground loot in Warzone is made up of Black Ops Cold War weapons--but securing a loadout with a gun from Modern Warfare is still the preferred route to winning a gunfight.

Some of the new weapons, like the MAC-10 SMG, are incredibly powerful at close range, but most gun fights in Warzone happen at medium-to-long-range. The advantage it provides is only reliable in certain situations that aren't as typical in a battle royale. The assault rifles, on the other hand, simply don't measure up to the existing Warzone weapons.

Warzone's Monolithic Suppressor.
Warzone's Monolithic Suppressor.

One reason for this is because they don't have Warzone's strongest attachment--the monolithic suppressor. It increases both the range and and bullet velocity of most guns in Modern Warfare. Black Ops Cold War's suppressors only decreases those stats. Players don't think Black Ops Cold War weapons will be able to compete unless they're given a similar attachment.

Only a small subset of players is being vocal about these changes--but they were talking about how weapon balance would be an issue before the update hit. Infinity Ward, Raven Software, and Activision are dealing with a number of issues--including one that makes players invisible--so players may have to wait before anything changes with the new weapons.

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