Call Of Duty: Warzone: How To Earn And Upgrade The Armored Trucks

Armored vehicles are back in Verdansk, you just have to know how to earn them.


Call of Duty's Season 4 arrived on June 17 for both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, and along with a host of other changes, Warzone's Verdansk '84 now has armored trucks.

In addition to Warzone's Big Bertha cargo trucks, players can now obtain very powerful armored vehicles, which are similar to the armored trucks previously found in the Armored Royale limited-time mode. These vehicles are armed with a mounted turret, and they can be further upgraded with additional armor, a permanent UAV, and even repaired.

Warzone SAT-Link
Warzone SAT-Link

To roll around Verdansk in armored style, you'll first need to find a SAT-Link. These mini-satellites are located randomly around the map, and you'll hear beeping when you get close to one. Capturing a SAT-Link is much like doing one of Warzone's Recon Contracts, simply hold and defend the area until it's captured to complete the challenge, and this will reward you with a satellite cache that you'll need to collect. If the satellite is already up on the SAT-Link, it means someone else has already captured this specific device, and you'll need to find another.

The reward cache will crash land and be marked on your map, so you'll simply need to go and retrieve the drop. You'll likely be rewarded with either an armored truck, a Loadout drop, or the HARP scorestreak. The armored truck is awarded just like a Loadout drop, so you'll need to call it onto the map in your place of choosing.

Satellite Reward Cache Pod
Satellite Reward Cache Pod

The truck even comes with its own personal Buy Station located at the back rear wheel, so you can spend your cash to upgrade their armor, prevent the turret from overheating as quickly, or grant you a permanent UAV to reveal nearby enemy positions. You can even make any repairs needed on the fly. Of course, the armored truck is a pretty pricey investment. The full costs can be found below.

  • UAV: $4000
  • Trophy System: $3000
  • Heat Resistant Barrel: $3000
  • Heavy Armor: $2000
  • Refill Trophy: $2500
  • Repair Armored Truck: $1500
  • Armor Box: $6000
  • Munitions Box: $4500

In other news, we recently interviewed General Manager of Call of Duty Johanna Faries to talk about future Warzone updates and the health of the franchise.

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