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Call Of Duty: Warzone - How To Do The Champion's Quest Nuke Challenge

The new Champion's Quest nuke challenge is now available for Warzone Urzikstan, and here's how you can earn it.


Season 1 Reloaded is live in , bringing a brand-new Champion's Quest challenge to Urzikstan. Just like last year's challenge on Al Mazrah, this is a series of steps that allows you to earn the iconic multiplayer Tactical Nuke killstreak on the Warzone map. Here we'll guide you through the multi-step process needed to score a nuke in battle royale.

How to earn a nuke on Urzikstan

In order to nuke the Warzone map, you must first gain access to the Champion's Quest contract. To earn this, you'll need to either achieve the feat of five match wins in a row or win 30 games total within a season. Once you've completed this prerequisite, your next match will grant you the Champion's Quest contract.

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Champion's Quest contract

Activate the quest

Once you've completed the win prerequisite, your next match will reveal a yellow map icon for the Champion's Quest contract. Much like last year's quest, you'll need to locate the elements needed to assemble the nuke, and all of this must be done before the match ends. It is a bit different in MW3, so we have the complete steps below.

Locating the elements

Activating the quest tasks you with an objective to "locate elements," and it triggers a 20-minute time limit.

For this first step, you or someone in your squad needs to grab the geiger counter, which will be marked for you inside a nearby loot cache. It will show a marked location on the map, but only for the player who has the geiger counter equipped, so communication is important here.

Take the geiger counter to the marked area. This device works like last year's equipment from Warzone and DMZ, meaning the higher the radiation gets on the device, the closer you will be to the loot crate with the radiated element.

The first element found will be Beryllium. Once you or your squadmate picks up the Beryllium, whoever is holding it will be permanently marked on the map for the remainder of the match.

Now, you'll be tasked to "Open the locked nuclear safe." This marks a new location on your map, and you'll need to interact with a safe to start drilling. Accessing this safe earns you the Plutonium element.

Whoever grabs the Plutonium will start taking constant damage until the end of the match. This will eat away at armor plates and damage the carrier slowly over time.

For the final element, you're tasked with shooting down a nuclear chopper. This drops a crate containing the element Tritium, which has a scrambling effect that disables your radar and vehicles.

Champion's Quest operator skin reward
Champion's Quest operator skin reward

Assembling the nuke

Obtaining all three elements reveals a bomb site on your map. Go there, deposit the elements, and arm the bomb.

This assembly process will remove all the negative effects of the elements, and it will begin a two-minute countdown until detonation. Any player can try to stop you from completing this, so defend the area for two minutes. Once the countdown ends, a cinematic will end the match and nuke Urzikstan.

Having equipment saved for this end-game can help. Items like smoke grenades, semtex, and even a portable BuyStation are helpful. If a teammate dies, you might have the cash to buy them back.

Champion's Quest rewards

Completing the quest earns you and your squad a few rewards beyond just XP and bragging rights. You'll be rewarded with the following:

  • Operator Skin: Meltdown 240
  • Weapons Camo: Acerbic Roil
  • Emblem: Number 1
  • Weapon Sticker: Nuke Crew
  • Weapon Charm: Atomic
  • Calling Card: Big Boom
  • Weapon Sticker: Warning: Nuke
  • Emblem: Dangerous Material

This is going to be a very challenging quest to complete, but this guide should hopefully help you activate or prevent a Tactical Nuke from ending your match.

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