Call Of Duty: Warzone Hackers Are Using Night-Vision Goggles, Which Aren't Even In The Game

Night-vision goggles aren't very useful on Verdansk but show just how much content Warzone hackers can get to.


Hackers in Call of Duty: Warzone already have advantages like instant aiming accuracy, but now you can add night-vision to that list. The battle royale title has been plagued by various exploits, hackers that never seem to go away, and balancing issues for some time now. However, it seems like hackers are rubbing developer Raven Software's face in it at this point. Two clips, one posted to Twitter and the other posted to Reddit, show hackers pulling out night-vision goggles while they shoot other players through walls. Even the darkness can't protect those who want to play the game the right way.

In the first clip, a hacker uses some rare tools to cheat their way to multiple kills. They have a cheat enabled that automatically pings enemies around them, giving the cheater their exact position at all times. This is really just adding insult to injury, as they are also clearing using an auto-aim bot. Towards the end of the clip, the cheater pulls out night-vision goggles, despite the sun being out.

The second clip shows more behavior that any Warzone player is used to at this point. The person being spectated here actually attempts to hide their aimbot, missing a couple of sniper shots. However, they lock on to multiple targets with their assault rifle and then headshot a player through a wall, clearly showing that they at least can see through walls. Once again though, towards the end of the clip, our hacker dons a pair of night-vision goggles even though it's daytime.

These goggles are seemingly the same as the pair players use in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. That explains where hackers are getting the goggles from at least since Modern Warfare and Warzone use the same engine. However, night-vision goggles have never been a part of Warzone, meaning hackers are somehow plucking items out of game files. It's unclear if this could lead to other items intended to be inaccessible in Warzone making their way into the hands of hackers.

Call of Duty Warzone is already due for some big changes. The game has recently seen a flood of zombies, with some players even turning into the undead if they die in specific areas. Verdansk's time as Warzone's default map may be coming to a close as well. The official Call of Duty Twitter account shared an ominous message reading "The end is near…" with a time and date, April 21 at 12 PM PT. Regardless of the changes coming to Warzone, the battle royale title will need more than a new map to stand out against its competition.

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