Call Of Duty: Warzone Continues To Hype Apparent Godzilla Battle For Season 3

Something monstrous is stomping across Caldera for Season 3.


Call of Duty Season 3 teasers continue for Warzone, as Activision has released a new clip of Caldera's mines collapsing under the attack of something gigantic stomping across the island's surface.

"The island’s surface is no longer safe. When they go high, we go low," the Call of Duty Twitter account says, including a new story teaser for Season 3. The video's narrator is vaguely explaining that a device needs to be activated within Caldera's phosphate mines, but discussion of the plan is cut off by vibrations of something large shaking and collapsing the underground area.

"It's not ready yet…they're coming," the narrator shouts, and the video abruptly ends with screaming.

This seems to be yet another teaser leading up to a monstrous battle on Caldera for Season 3 of Warzone. Season 3's theme is Classified Arms, and the season's first cinematic trailer explains that the Nebula bombs detonated in Season 2 have awoken a ferocious creature. Another teaser seems to suggest that the King of the Monsters himself, Godzilla, is coming to Warzone to cause problems on Caldera.

Previous reports from leakers suggested that Godzilla and King Kong were both coming to Warzone, and the wording in this latest teaser seemingly confirms that Godzilla won't be the only monster to battle on the island.

In addition to battling monsters, here is everything we know about Call of Duty Season 3's big update that arrives on April 27. Monsters won't be the only new additions to Call of Duty, iconic rapper Snoop Dogg is arriving on April 19 as a playable operator for both Warzone and Vanguard.

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