Call Of Duty: Warzone Bug Fix Update Goes Live As New Playlists Roll Out

A bug that allowed players to use the Gas Mask indefinitely has been fixed, while the newest playlists are out now.


Right before the weekend, Raven Software has patched Call of Duty: Warzone once again and rolled out the latest weekly playlist updates.

Starting with the patch, the new update--which is described as a "fix"--resolves an issue that allowed players to use the Gas Mask indefinitely. That's definitely a big problem, and it's good to know it's sorted out now so some players don't have an unfair advantage.

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As for the weekly Warzone playlist update, the battle royale game added Mini Royal Quads for Verdansk '84 and Plunder - Blood Money Duos. Plunder - Trios and Rebirth Island - Mini Royale Quads have been removed from rotation. Raven is known to typically cycle through Warzone playlists in this manner to keep the game fresh and interesting.

Rebirth Island - Resurgence Quads is staying in Warzone as part of this latest playlist update. The Resurgence modes--which allow players to respawn so long as their teammates are alive--have become very popular with the Warzone community, so it's good to see Resurgence Quads sticking around for now.

In other Warzone news, the game's new '80s Action Hero DLC launches on May 20. This will include what could be the game's first licensed skins for Sylvester Stallone's John Rambo and John McClane from Die Hard. Presumably the update will include more content, too.

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