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Call Of Duty: Warzone Adds Four New Weapons [Update]

The 725, MK2 Carbine, .50 GS, and EBR-14 are now available in the Call of Duty battle royale game.


Activision is rolling out a slew of new Call of Duty content soon. Modern Warfare will receive a new map and Operator, who comes alongside two legendary blueprints (and a very good dog companion), while Call of Duty: Warzone is getting a handful of new weapons. [Update: Following a delay, the new Call of Duty update is now available, complete with extensive patch notes. This brings all of the aforementioned content to both Modern Warfare and Warzone.]

Four new guns are coming to the standalone battle royale game: the 725, MK2 Carbine, .50 GS, and EBR-14. The guns will be appear in common and uncommon rarities, and each have their own distinct strengths, so Activision advises equipping them in loadouts and seeing how they fare.

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The update was originally scheduled to go live on March 24, but it has since been delayed. Activision says the update will now be arriving "in the coming days."

The aforementioned new Operator, Talon, will also be playable in Warzone if you pick up the Talon bundle. The bundle includes two legendary blueprints, as well as two Battle Pass tier skips. You can read more about the Talon bundle on Activision's website.

Call of Duty: Warzone recently implemented a dedicated Solo playlist, which pits you against 149 other solo players. While that is the current player cap, developer Infinity Ward has said Warzone could eventually support up to 200 per match.

GameSpot gave the new battle royale game a 7/10 in our Call of Duty: Warzone review. Critic Alessandro Barbosa wrote, "Warzone is a great sophomore attempt at a battle royale from Call of Duty, which finally manages to carve out its own identity with interesting spins on the existing formula. Its subversion of death and the nail-biting Gulag duels give you more ways to stay in a match, while also forcing you to be aware of your surroundings even after wiping a rival squad."

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