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Call Of Duty Warzone Adding Mode With Bots To Help Players Learn The Ropes

Bots are coming to Warzone for a new training mode set to debut with Season 3 in April.


Call of Duty: Warzone is a challenging battle royale game that requires skill and patience to be the last soldier or team standing. If you're intrigued by the game but are maybe put off by diving directly into a game, Activision is releasing a new mode with bots to help you learn the ropes.

Call of Duty: Warzone Bootcamp, as it's called, is a new training mode aimed at helping players get up to speed before dropping into a game with human enemies. Set on a randomized slice of the Urzikstan map and featuring up to 20 human players and 24 bots, Bootcamp is a quad-only mode that provides a "snapshot" of the real experience.

This isn't Call of Duty's first training mode, as Modern Warfare III features a "training course" mode that allows players to learn the basics of multiplayer before getting into the action.

The idea with that mode and Bootcamp is to help players build confidence before jumping into matches populated exclusively with human players. To that end, Activision pointed out in its blog post that Bootcamp is Warzone's only mode that has bots. It's been an enduring theory that Warzone is actually populated in part by bots, but Activision says this is not true, for now at least.

"If this changes in the future, we'll ensure the community is informed ahead of time," Activision said.

Activision also clarified that players won't be able to use Bootcamp as a way to amass easy XP. Player, weapon, and battle pass XP progression is "limited" in Bootcamp, Activision said. Additionally, playing the training mode will not contribute to progress for daily and weekly challenges, calling card challenges, weapon challenges, or Champion's Quest. Finally, Bootcamp does not include any of the public events or advanced contracts in the main mode.

The new Bootcamp mode arrives with the debut of Season 3 on April 3, and it's the first new season since Warzone Mobile launched on March 21. As announced previously, player progress and all store bundles bought on one platform carry over to another, so you can grind on console, for example, and your progress and purchases will also be applied to mobile. However, COD Points do not move between platforms.

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