Call Of Duty: Vanguard's Frustrating Trophy System Unlock Challenge Gets Removed

Sledgehammer Games has axed the unlocked challenge for Season 3's Trophy System.


Call of Duty: Vanguard's Season 3 update is officially live. One of the highlights of the new season was the introduction of the long-awaited Trophy System, which as of April 26 was announced to be locked behind a difficult and time-consuming challenge. Thankfully, Sledgehammer Games has since removed the challenge completely for the start of Season 3.

The Trophy System has been a staple of past Call of Duty games, as the device will intercept most thrown lethal and tactical equipment, but Vanguard launched without the popular equipment. Players have been asking for a Trophy System to help with the grenade spam in multiplayer, but many were disappointed to find the new addition locked behind a difficult challenge of surviving 15 different matches without being killed by a grenade. Many players also all expressed frustration that the challenge was not tracking their progress.

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Sledgehammer Games has since tweeted that the Trophy System no longer requires a challenge to unlock, and all players who log in during Season 3 will have the Trophy System made available to them.

Vanguard's version of the Trophy System is a Field Upgrade that can be equipped. In the past, the device has been used to intercept up to two pieces of equipment, but Vanguard's Trophy System can protect players from up to three throwables before it self-destructs. This includes protection from most throwable lethal and tactical equipment, such as frag grenades, sticky bombs, and stun grenades.

Overall, the Trophy System is a welcomed addition to Vanguard, as small maps and objective-based modes are often plagued with grenade spamming. Now players can instantly make use of this new Field Upgrade without having to dodge grenades just to unlock it.

Additionally, Season 3 added a new battle pass, more weapons, operators, and more. The patch notes for the big update included a new season of Ranked Play, and several game improvements for Vanguard. Warzone also received a major update for Season 3, which includes several map changes themed around the upcoming clash between Godzilla and King Kong on May 11.

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