CoD: Warzone Event Was A Cooperative, Explosion-Filled Mission To Destroy A Train

Activision has revealed Vanguard by way of a special Warzone event that involved a train and WW2 bombers.


The Call of Duty: Warzone event to reveal the next game in the CoD franchise, Vanguard, has taken place. As had been teased in the lead-up, it involved a mission to destroy an armored train that made its way across the Verdansk map, and it broke some of the usual rules of how Warzone works--and led to the reveal of the debut trailer for Vanguard.

The Battle for Verdansk playlist forces you to squad up into groups of four and then launches you into a match with 32 total players. Unlike a standard Warzone match, you won't be attacking any other players--everyone is working together here to take down the oncoming train. After initially planting explosives (in the same tunnel area where we recently saw the Verdansk train destroyed), the train approaches, and the fight ensues. As it slowly moves its away along the tracks, players first have to deal damage to a series of turrets on top of the train that will be firing at you.

Over the course of the match, things evolve from there, as turrets are destroyed, the train is periodically halted, and ultimately individual train cars are destroyed. Fortunately, everyone is equipped with an RPG and an assault rifle when they spawn, and dying is a minor setback, as you'll quickly parachute back in with the same loadout. Vehicles are ample, which makes keeping up with the train easier, and eventually you'll have to deal with increased firepower as the train begins firing explosive rounds and, later, launches cluster strikes.

The total damage your squad deals to the train is tallied throughout, and hitting certain milestones will unlock various items, including a blueprint and sticker. Completing the event also earns you a pair of rewards.

Good luck dodging these bombers
Good luck dodging these bombers

Once all of the turrets and cars have been dealt with, everyone works to destroy the locomotive at the front. Once that's done, a cutscene is triggered where numerous World War II-era bombers begin flying overhead, dropping explosives onto the ground. You'll have to avoid these (though it doesn't seem as if you can initially die to them; you're instead stunned briefly if you take a hit) to make your way to an extraction point, but another bomb finally does you in at that point. From there, you're treated to the debut trailer for Vanguard, revealing the game as a WW2 shooter.

All of this follows a series of teases and leaks concerning Vanguard. Most recently, the previously invulnerable armored train located on Verdansk was destroyed, with its firey remains left in a tunnel for players to discover between the hospital and factory.

Vanguard releases on November 5 and returns the CoD franchise to World War II. It comes with not just the usual campaign and multiplayer modes, but a Zombies mode developed by Treyarch and a brand-new Warzone map, the details of which are still being kept under wraps for the time being. The reveal and this event come in the midst of an ongoing lawsuit targeting Activision Blizzard that alleges sexual harassment and discrimination. These issues were addressed by Sledgehammer during a press event attended by GameSpot.

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