Call of Duty Takes Point

DJ Hero gets a rewind; Infinity Ward welcomes friendly fire.

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In a revelation distinctly lacking in both shock and awe, Activision continues to dominate this week’s chart with the distilled anarchy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. According to Reuters the franchise as a whole is reported to have hit the $3 billion mark this week. It seems that a gamer's thirst for bullet-time door breaches and gravity-defying skidoo jumps should never be underestimated.

Apart from F1 2009 managing to squeeze its way past Lego Batman and into the 10 spot, the situation at the top is more of a reshuffle than a new pack: Assassin’s Creed 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Wii Fit Plus remain static, while FIFA 10 creeps up two places to number 4. Dragon Age continues on its downward slide, dropping 3 places to 20, while SingStar: Take That fails to shine, suffering a 13-place plummet to number 32.

On the flipside, pre-Christmas goodwill seems to be helping Activision’s latest musical underachiever, with DJ Hero now hovering on the edge of the top 20 after last week’s residency at 35. Along with a climb from Brain Training, it’s a safe bet that stockings will be stuffed with plastic and oddly shaped peripherals in the coming weeks.

In a bid for transparency (and general friendliness), I take this opportunity to present myself before the GameSpot faithful. I shall be floating around the periphery of the site for the next few weeks, having gained a work placement after stumbling in from the street and claiming to know what I’m talking about. Though, in all honesty, I think it was the kiss-and-tell story on a certain L. Croft that got me the gig. Turns out it really is all about who you know. I look forward to sharing my ill-informed ramblings with you all over the coming days and will endeavour to keep my digital indiscretions to a minimum. Thanks for having me and bring the noise.

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i play mw2 till bfbc2 comes

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nice to hear dj hero is doing better. I hope for that under our tree.

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message to flashpoint so i want a million MW games

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Activision originally didn't want to make Modern Warfare. They wanted to keep pumping out WWII games. Guess they know better now, but does that mean that they will just pump out a million different MW games?

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Ive played both modern warfare 2 and that beta for battlfield bad company 2 and i prefer bad company 2, it has completely destructible environments which changes peoples tactics, sure modern warfare has a decent campaign, kick ass spec-ops but it would get old after playing over and over.

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welcome to Gamespot mate!

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mw2 is da best online shooter to date. probably the best shooter point blank period!!

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Modern Warfare 2 the best online game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Modern Warfare 2 is amazing! I love the new multiplayer mode

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Bad Company, save our souls

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im getting dj hero for christmas

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"Not over MW2! lol Lets not kid ourselves there" i gotta say it- the multiplayer didnt pull me in as much as it could have done. it is pretty good but in the brief period i had the game (i sold it after two weeks) i put FAR more time into battlefield 1943. nuff sed.

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applause. You mesmerize my soul, Dianna, you mesmerize my soul-

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"wait for bad company 2 to come out.... that will own." Not over MW2! lol Lets not kid ourselves there.

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Hey James, do keep it coming.

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Welcome :) I love your style of writing ! Will be waiting for new stories.

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Welcome to GS, James. Talk and we shall listen

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I also am waiting for bad company.

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great game it diserves to make a lot

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I love MW2... but I'll also check out Bad Company 2 when it comes out... I have the beta and so far it's awesome too...

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wait for bad compqny 2 to come out.... that will own.

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Wish I made $3 billion....

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cod series owns and has made activision uber rich i don't think they will be failing anytime soon

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yay mw2!

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Go F1 2009 :)

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Activision Blizzard is on top of the world! And for good reason!