Call of Duty still "in the realm of plausibility"

Following new trailer that shows off combat in space, Activision community manager says, "It's actually more science than science fiction."


Call of Duty "still plays in the realm of plausibility," according to Activision community manager Dan Amrich. Writing on his blog, Amrich explained that the latest trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts--which featured combat in space--is "actually more science than science fiction."

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Amrich said though the concept of kinetic bombardment--or "Rods from God"--has been used in sci-fi stories for years, it is also grounded in reality. He pointed out that the United States Air Force has considered using the technology as a means to attack without nuclear fallout.

"Say what you will about its over-the-top gameplay and action-movie attitude, but Call of Duty still plays in the realm of plausibility," Amrich said.

In the new campaign trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts, a cylinder is shown speeding to Earth from a United States orbiting space station. A voice-over says, "You never expect something you trust to turn against you. The rods didn't just decimate the land, they left us open to full-scale invasion."

Call of Duty: Ghosts launches on November 5 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii U. Versions for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be released as launch titles for those platforms in North America on November 15 and November 22, respectively.

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There is an extremely simple two-word rebuttal to any argument claiming "COD is in the realm of plausibility."

Quick scoping.

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And where is the science behind shooting a regular gun in space? They don't talk about it because they know it's a dumb idea.

Avatar image for kastir

@MrMilkmann - What do you have against firing a regular gun in space? As long as you're tethered and not going to fly off from kick back, I don't see the problem. Bullets won't slow down or arc towards the ground, and any hole you put in your opponent's suit will kill them. The propellant explosive in ammo doesn't need an atmosphere to ignite, so it should all work fin.

Avatar image for MrMilkmann

@kastir @MrMilkmann From what I've seen, none of the people are tethered to anything, so they would be shot backwards.

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looking forward to playing the game

Avatar image for DeathProofDelta

I kind of wanna play the story mode..... just to see what's going on in space.

Avatar image for ccw47

cod is epic!

Avatar image for GODLIKE456

Just think right now while they are hyping up GHOSTS they are already making another Call of Duty

Avatar image for MrMilkmann

@GODLIKE456 It's probably already done.

Avatar image for LastMatic

Dan Amrich is snorting that hi-grade...

Avatar image for GorillaBears

Hey guys instead of fighting on the ground getting right to the point lets spend trillions of dollars and spend many months/year to train astronauts to SPACE.

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Avatar image for Klikandclick

I patiently await the wave of comments from people who have never played a Call of Duty game before and hate on it only because they see everyone else doing so

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To be fair, many people dissatisfied with the state of Call of Duty are former / current COD fans. I loved it back in the early days, when it was a WW2 shooter that did what the original Medal of Honors did and could not, and thought it was revolutionary when it brought shooters out of the World War 2 age into modern times with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

People forget that it's COD 4 that popularized the Modern-day shooter. COD used to be a ground breaking series that used to set the standard for other companies to follow. Nowdays it's an iterative, yearly sequel-itis affair that doesn't really excite a lot of people who don't want to buy the same game every year.

I'll admit that the multiplayer is still some of the best in the business and I was surprised by the quality of the co-op multiplayer in MW3, but it's not enough for many people anymore.

Avatar image for MrMilkmann

@arc_salvo @Klikandclick I don't know, the opening of Medal Of Honor Frontline with the Normandy invasion was pretty fucking awesome.

Avatar image for Crush_Project

@arc_salvo @Klikandclick

um, cod didnt even come out until 2004, and if you played delta force or rainbow six for the 5-6 years before that you'd probably have skated through cod and tossed it soon after as the trash it was.

You kids today really have no idea what your talking about.

Avatar image for LastMatic

@Crush_Project Lol Delta force? series was garbage even for its time! if COD didnt come out everyone would still be playing that rubbish none the wiser. COD killed games like that.

Avatar image for drclaw_

i really enjoyed watching that trailer, no really i really did, how touching , they should just make a movie or something.

Avatar image for botsio

@drclaw_ stop being cynical.bf4 has lots of bullshit glithches and people turn a blind eye to sickening.

Avatar image for drclaw_

@botsio @drclaw_

im not, i guess some people can interpret it that way given all the hate cod has received which is mostly from older folks who are growing out of videogames or cod.

I for one enjoyed the cod series, the singleplayer for modern warfare was always better than black ops. better technology involved i guess. Still im looking forward to mw3 singleplayer and multiplayer, maybe multiplayer.

And i hope they make a movie out of it, that will be sick and in 3d like the game

Avatar image for ORB1T4LOne

"It's actually more science than science fiction."

Then call it "hard fiction" cause that's exactly what it is.

Avatar image for NoFear87

COD could learn from Saint's Row and add giant purple space dildos.

Avatar image for dkeppens

It certainly is within the realm of plausibility that they interviewed this guy at the asylum

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

Well when you have beat the same thing to death year after year, ya gotta try and spin it.

Avatar image for Queuingreturns

LOL. Just LOL.

Avatar image for Arijan83

Call of Duty still plays in the realm of plausibility. WTF?? There is no muzzle flash in space. No oxygen. jeez :P

Avatar image for de-astroturfer

F***ing ludicrous when you start adding dogs personal UAV's with machine guns, space battles and giant robots its time to consider the possibility that you are compensating for a complete lack of innovation.

Its the semi realistic setting which made COD 4 popular in the first place if people wanted giant robots and space battles, they would have bought a more outlandish scifi based shooter instead.

Avatar image for tightwad34

Well, that would certainly change things up for the series. As I always say, there's only one way to find out.

Avatar image for Bond_Villain

Looks cool

cant wait for this

Avatar image for PeejayYeh

So CoD is still going inside the realm of a SciFi Myth???

They should be discussing these ones....

Myth 1: CoD will be highly competitive against BF4 due to graphics improvement and improved gameplay mechanics.

Myth 2: All high tech weaponry of US is always hackable to terrorists.

Confirmed, Plausible, or Busted?

Avatar image for Ryozo

@PeejayYeh While Myth 2 was a key plot point in Black Ops 2, I got the impression from this trailer that the ODIN designers had, in fact, understood the value of 'air gapping' (i.e. your critical systems shall have no contact with the Internet), and so the OPFOR had to head up into the Big Black and take control in situ.

Avatar image for PeejayYeh

@Ryozo @PeejayYeh On the spot system hacking, CoD-Hollywood style =] Is that what you think?

Avatar image for 19James89

@PeejayYeh I'd rather play Splinter Cell Blacklist than Call of Duty.

Avatar image for PeejayYeh

@19James89 @PeejayYeh I am playing it right now! Fantastic! ;DDDDD

Avatar image for grey_fox1984

As awesome as it was in a "holy f**k, that just happened" kind of way, how plausible is a canine victory in a dog vs helicopter fight?

Avatar image for Epicsand

@grey_fox1984 Riley could have caught up to the helicopter as it was taking off and bit the pilot's leg.

Avatar image for grey_fox1984

We'll have to wait and see I suppose- to me it really looked like he ripped it right out of the air in the shot they showed- as if he jumped off a roof

Avatar image for Epicsand

@grey_fox1984 Yeah. Either way it sounds epic, imo.

Avatar image for FroMcJoe

Yes all very possible although the plausible part is kind of lacking.

How are our superweapons always getting hijacked? And "South of the Boarder"? What like a coalition of the anti-western Latin American states running at us with their solid 1960s tech?

Avatar image for XCopperCrowX

<<< Checks the "Gaming Hipsters: Trendy Things to Say," for something 'cool' to say...

Avatar image for TheWatcher000

The Game Series Still Exists. How is this within the realm of plausibility? Or acceptability?

Avatar image for Epicsand

@TheWatcher000It is an extremely popular game, and it is acceptable, because of them, and because not all gamers are douches like you, and can accept that other people like different games than them, and that their game is not for everyone.

Avatar image for MrACRedwine

@TheWatcher000 It's because of the number of kids and teens that play it daily.

Avatar image for NTM23

I wonder if when you get 'sucked' out into space, you won't be able to hear anything, or it'll be muffled. It should just be totally silent, but I bet it'll be heavy on sound, or muffled which instead works the bass, but still isn't realistic. It should either be silent, or some music that's subtle.

Avatar image for EMPTY-V

@HipHopBeats No guys, this kid's right. The 35 years or so it took for video games to reach this point in terms of graphics and immersion has been completely pointless. We all need to revert back to Pong and just escape reality.

Avatar image for Roland3710

Heh. I remember when these were WW2 games.

Avatar image for theend3r

Burning towards earth would do nothing, they'd need to burn retrograde.

Avatar image for EMPTY-V

@theend3r Is that you, Jebediah Kerman??

Avatar image for pcostix

@EMPTY-V @theend3r No, I'm here. That was Bill Kerman :)