Call Of Duty Season 6 Cinematic Intro Reveals Major Map Changes For Warzone

Call of Duty Season 6 intro shows Mason's arrival, and major destruction is happening in Verdansk.


Today, Activision officially revealed that Call of Duty Season 6 will start on October 7, and the news comes with a new cinematic intro trailer that shows things are about to drastically change for Warzone's Verdansk map.

The Season 6 cinematic continues the Black Ops Cold War narrative from Season 5, which saw Stitch and Kitsune launch the Numbers brainwashing broadcast to compromise Alder and other agents. The recent Season 5's outro trailer had Woods and Hudson discussing that Alder had gone rogue in Verdansk, and they needed to find him.

There was also a tease from a recent Call of Duty Season 5 blog post that suggested something was happening under the map. Today's trailer seems to answer that question of what's been going on under Verdansk, as several explosives were detonated in the underground bunkers. The trailer shows major points of interest like the Verdansk stadium getting demolished.

Alex Mason, who was the main protagonist and brainwashed agent from Black Ops 1, also makes an appearance in the intro trailer. He survived the Numbers program, and now he's helping Adler break from Stitch's brainwashing. Alder is free by the end of the trailer and asks, "Oh God, what have I done?" The final scene shows Alder presumably marching through the destruction of Verdansk with Woods and Mason.

While not all of Warzone's map is likely destroyed, this does point to major map changes for Season 6, which is something Verdansk has desperately needed. We'll likely know more details about Season 6 as the October 7 start date approaches.

Season 6 content will continue for Call of Duty as Activision Blizzard faces a lawsuit from the state of California over alleged harassment and discrimination against women.

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