Call Of Duty Season 3 Cinematic Intro Teases Something Monstrous For Warzone

Activision tweets a new cinematic trailer for Call of Duty's upcoming Season 3.


The first cinematic trailer has arrived for Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone's upcoming Season 3. "Classified Arms" is the new seasonal theme for Season 3, and the new content is set to arrive on April 27.

The trailer for Classified Arms is narrated by Vanguard's Captain Butcher, who explains the Nazi's succeeded in detonating Season 2's Nebula bombs all around the world, including Warzone's Caldera island. Most interestingly, Butcher teases that a storm is on the horizon, and that the Nazis explosions on Caldera have shaken something awake. "Something far more powerful and fearsome than anything we could ever hope to comprehend," Butcher says as the trailer ends with a monstrous roar.

The deep growl could be anything, but previous leakers suggested that an upcoming Warzone would feature some of Hollywood's most iconic monsters. As previously reported by CharlieIntel in February, King Kong and Godzilla could be arriving for a future Warzone event.

The cinematic is also used to introduce a new set of operators for Season 3, which is a set of three soldiers known as Task Force Harpy. Assuming Season 3 follows Call of Duty's past seasons of content, at least one member of Task Force Harpy should arrive in the battle pass, along with new weapons and cosmetic items for players to unlock.

Additionally, here is everything we know about Call of Duty Season 3 for Warzone and Vanguard. Snoop Dogg is still set to make his debut as a playable operator for Call of Duty on April 19.

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