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Call Of Duty Now Lets You Play As A Dinosaur In MW3 And Warzone

The CODasaurus operator bundle is available in the in-game shop.


You can now play as a dinosaur operator in Call of Duty, with the new CODasaurus Ultra skin in Modern Warfare 3, Warzone, and Warzone Mobile.

While a dino soldier might sound outlandish, the CODasaurus operator joins Call of Duty's growing list of wacky fun operator skins. Season 3 recently added a Stoney Sloth operator, and there are also soldiers themed as Easter bunnies, a duck, and a pigeon. The CODasaurus operator can be seen in action with the brief video clip shared below.

The Tracer Pack: CODasaurus Ultra Skin bundle comes packed with the "Sickle" dino skin for the operator Riptide and six additional items, including two weapon blueprints with Slash Damage tracer effects and the "Reptilian Rupture" death effect. The bundle is priced at 2,400 CoD Points ($20), which is Call of Duty's average cost for operator bundles.

Most recently, Call of Duty celebrated 4/20 with the arrival of the new Cheech & Chong operator bundle, featuring a new tracer pack that turns enemies into joints. The stoner-themed Blaze Up event is still live until April 24, so there are only two days left to earn the free rewards.

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