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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 3 Adds New Operator, More To Come Later In Season

The latest addition to the Modern Warfare multiplayer has some big implications for the campaign.


The next season of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is set to launch soon, and Activision has teased some of the big additions coming in Season 3. Among those is a new Operator, who comes with some big implications for the single-player campaign. Spoilers ahead. [Update: The new update is now live, and you can see everything in the Season 3 patch notes.]

As noted in a blog post, the new addition will be Alex from the Modern Warfare campaign. But as those who finished the campaign know, Alex heroically sacrificed himself by manually triggering explosives in a chemical facility. Except, surprise, he apparently made it out of the whole ordeal--albeit with an injury that has given him a prosthetic leg. Alex had been teased in a Season 3 poster with the prosthesis, but this confirms it's intended as canon.

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Alex will be unlockable with the purchase of the battle pass or battle pass bundle, which includes 20 tier skips. The Tier 0 will also net you a shirtless Yegor skin, if that strikes your fancy. Sometime during the season, the saboteur Ronin and Chimera Allegiance fighter Iskra will join as well. All of them will be playable in standard multiplayer as well as the battle royale Warzone, which is getting Quads this season.

The new season will begin on April 8. Infinity Ward and Activision teased some of its additions, including Alex, with a new trailer. The blog post also detailed the other star of any new Call of Duty season, the new maps.

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