Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 trailer debuts

Trailer shows global conflict ravaging New York City, European capitals; Sledgehammer Games confirmed as codeveloping; Nov. 8 date now official.


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Last week, Activision said it would debut the trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 during the NBA Western Conference Finals game, which airs nationally on ESPN. The tip-off for that game isn't set until 6 p.m. PDT tonight, but Activision decided to reveal the trailer (embedded below) a little bit early.

There goes the neighborhood.
There goes the neighborhood.

Besides officially revealing the game's November 8 release date, the trailer confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 is being codeveloped by Sledgehammer Games, Activision's recently formed San Francisco Bay Area studio. It also cements the fact hinted at by multiple teaser trailers before--that the game will depict the full-blown outbreak of World War III.

Beginning with shots of Russian helicopters assaulting downtown Manhattan, the trailer shows how the devastating Russo-American conflict that broke out in Modern Warfare 2 has now spread to Europe. Urban combat near the Parliament building in downtown London is shown, as is a group of vehicles attacking the city's famed subway system. Paris is also in trouble, with US commandos engaging in street-to-street fighting in the City of Lights. Germany, too, is a battle zone in the game.

The trailer concludes with a voice-over from series antagonist Vladimir Makarov, saying, "It doesn't take the most powerful nations on Earth to create the next global conflict, just the will of a single man." A logo then flashes onscreen for "WW3," which quickly turns into "MW3."

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@holycrowbar LMAO! are you serious? You came back nearly a year later to post that? Did you mark it on your calendar or something? LOL. No no, I'm not mad at all. I'm actually saddened by how pathetic you appear to be to come back to something that I didn't even remember what-so-ever. I actually had to go back and see what the hell we were even talking about. BTW: MW3 was the best-selling game last far. But since you hate CoD so much, that prob means you jumped on the BF band wagon, so you'll be glad to hear this: I played BF3, and it was a good game. But with that said, I never bought it. However, I haven't played CoD in months. I've actually been busy playing ME3 and a bunch of older games. Does that make you feel better? Can you now please take me off of your "stalker/have to follow up/PEOPLE TO KILL" list?

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@jasonlc3221 So, months later, I haven't played MW3 yet. UMAD?

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they wrote the 'E' backwords for all of those country's names =O P.S. what's with the Inception music? Riiiiip ooooooooff!

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@ mrzero1982pt2 That last comment about running and gunning made no sense. Why are your still trying to defend your precious little Battlefield? I never said it was a bad game. I find it boring as hell, sure, and I prefer Call of Duty. BFis slower than CoD. Saying that isn't a jab at it, it's the truth, the overall pace of CoD is way more frantic. Camping? All shooters have campers, so come up with something else. When there's campers, you go out there and kill them until they leave or stop camping, you don't cry about it and switch games, that's just lame. The fact is most FPS gamers in the world are just like me. We like Call of Duty because it's addictive and you can dive right into the action even without a team. Battlefield doesn't even have Free-For-All, dude. So, gamers like me, we will always choose Call of Duty over Battlefield, and that is why for the foreseeable future, the game will sell better than BF. Also, you and every other CoD basher can stop bashing the game, it won't get you any new players in BF. They are different games, and smart people will realize they can buy both games instead of going, "omg i hate cod i hope it dies, play bf instead weeee!"

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i need more guns

Avatar image for jfmansell

looks sweet

Avatar image for jorjel

I hope to be as good as the others.

Avatar image for jrwooton

Awesome Video...Looks like a very updated graphics engine...hope it lays better the Black Ops

Avatar image for Luizao2779

Even though I'm not a Big fan of shooters, I cannt wait to get my hands on this one.

Avatar image for ashleyobrien

you know, it DOES look really good, and heaps better than that total let-down crysis2 , i know i know they are totally different, but i just cant let it go!...i wrote to cevat et al and gave em wot for! what a total screw up! crysis1 was better than crysis2 !!! sigh..anyway....i think mw3 may have serious replay value....just hope it isnt too short...which always seems to be the main prb for me with games of late...just not enough..just not a total games addict...that said, i only play the very im very very get that when your 41 years old and very used to average software, tend to put up with less c-r-a-p the older ya'll see....

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battlefield rule!!

Avatar image for MN121MN

Why is it only Russia and America that are fighting? I mean, this is WW3, how come no Asian superpowers get involved (like China or Japan or Korea), that makes a greater and more rich storyline (Russia invading China or Japan and we actually play as one of the soldier. we do play as a Russian, why not as well)

Avatar image for eriktkire

@firedragons5253 China and India have nuclear weapons... that doesn't make them powerful, just a threat. They also have massive poverty problems and are still technologically inferior when it comes to militant hardware. If anything their gigantic populations are THE handicap that prevent them from being world powers

Avatar image for Perth2008

Cute graphics ... hopefully not as linear as the recent COD titles ... well, one can hope. Mind you it's all been done before, at least at the RTS level, in World in Conflict. Probably another Steam activated game with DLC "extras" ... you can hear the cash registers already!

Avatar image for bourne2live

@firedragons5253 I'd love to play a game set in the unique architecture of Ancient China. And really, besides kung fu panda :)

Avatar image for firedragons5253

Most powerful nations on Earth..Pfft. What about China and India, countries that have populations of 2 billion and 1.5 billion. Those are nations that I want to have innovative gameplay with.

Avatar image for LordXerud

I find it amusing that people are already deciding which game is better from having only seen trailers for both games. I like both COD and BF. But I have no idea how each one plays and nor will I UNTILL i get my hands on them....go ahead and bash which ever title you want. I'll wait till they come out......

Avatar image for velvetbweasel

gonna be SWEEEEET

Avatar image for WolfGrey

November 8? That dam early? Are you guys even working on the game? Great another piece of crap like BO.Well there goes my support.What a pathetic way to do games.Just milking it at this point.Oh well, it will keep idiots and game junkies out of my better online games, so thats fine. Enjoy your yearly trash.

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@mok86 a game that sold more than 8m units in a few months has to be sale king !!!!!!!!!!!

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Avatar image for Lil_Wood_Chip

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Battlefield feels way more realistic in my opinion and with the graphics they are bringing it's like Call of wah?????

Avatar image for Hatredalper

Modern Warfare series the most creative and innovater Shooting series in the world... This game looks fantastic...

Avatar image for Arsenal193

I don't get why people are arguing over MW3 vs BF3. They both look great, so just try to get both.

Avatar image for TotalGameAddict

this will be the best cod bf3 could be good but its too realistic i like the movie like story that cod always has but they need a fresh new mp or it will be just like MW2 and BO

Avatar image for jahangir_alom

cod is the always best i love cod sires

Avatar image for braalo

This doesn't look anything near BF3, this is same old boring COD game....SMDH

Avatar image for Pieleanu65

nothing lk battlefield3....forget this stupid cod

Avatar image for sayondas4

nxt stop china

Avatar image for ntungwe

this game is going to be mad

Avatar image for huskerman34

please get rid of the arcade features and make this more of a simulation fps. Big improvment last year. Keep up the good work.

Avatar image for 3Airwalk3

@MasterPotatoe what do you THINK the gameplay is gonna look like?

Avatar image for MasterPotatoe

I want gameplay, not CUT SCENES!

Avatar image for CrookedPoet

I do not want MW3 to fail or BF3 but..I would be curious what the reactions would be if they did.

Avatar image for kytomasi

World war 3 huh. makes me wonder how Captain Price will handle it. All the work he did to prevent war. MW has a story, people that bi*** about ohh the story sucks is idiotic. It has a pretty good one for a FPS actually. Will it compare to RPG or Adventure games, hell no but its a damn good one. BF3 will have no story, just a squad of guys being sent here and there via commander.

Avatar image for Black_Id_Jenova

What the?? Seriously this days i only see people comparing MW3 and BF3. I curious what will happen if both BF3 or MW3 doesn't give them expectation like what they want. I will buy MW3, period. And BF3 fanboy can just bit***ing around, and hate MW3 for good people sake. BTW speaking of 3, F3AR also coming, power of 3 perhaps???

Avatar image for VXCOM

O,O"...omg~~~awweesommeee~~~i can wait longer if they can make this game more great and add more improvement with longer story mode...n not to mention new spec.ops missions...xD

Avatar image for pter5

its more exciting playing mw2 than bc2

Avatar image for icebox98

razorfet147 : i have to agree with you. some games are just popular because most of the people who buy then are casual gamers and kids who get so excited with a war game with good graphics and modern day setting. i have to say that some call of duty games are really good but in my opinion, none of them ever deserved a fps of the year title (like some other people say ).

Avatar image for mohamedmounem

when ever COD developments says that they will shoot another part of the serious i say it will fail coz thay just stick in the same things and made a long serious ...but i was so wrong ... they always bring so many new things and add it to the new part ... and i hope that last part will be like this

Avatar image for crqos007

PS- has anyone realized there has been a call of duty game every single f------ year since call of duty 1 came out in 2003? the most recent feel like nothing more than each installment of madden, a yearly update with no gameplay changes and different (and in black ops' case) relatively boring settings

Avatar image for crqos007

@ jasonic3221 fair enough, i'll rewrite my comment. am i the only one who is utterly sick and tired of call of duty?

Avatar image for mikees1

franky111 No thankyou is not something you are ever likley to hear from us. Thanks need to be earned, and the only people worthy of that praise is The RAF (who Hitler could not beat and thus could not invade whilst the RAF existed) and to the Royal Navy whose mere presence (at the time still the largest fleet in the world) would have been Hitlers next targte efore invasion, after he took out the RAF, which he did not do. See we owe our nations soldiers, airmen and sailors.......America is not on that list. So quit with the "you'd be talking German if it was not for us" you did not join the war til 41,we ceased his invasion plans in 1940. WE OW YOU NOTHING. Oh okthnsaybe for helping US liberate Europe, were, if i may add you were out numbered by British and Commonwealth troops!

Avatar image for CisQo5

COD is always action packed, buuuuut the kids ruin the multiplayer, plus the bugs. Can't fix errors by continuously adding new customization to your guns and titles. BF3 FTW!

Avatar image for jasonlc3221

@crqos007 Not saying your perception is wrong, but I'm thinking that games like Homefront and Frontlines were the closest thing to a WW3 game out there, yet their idea was so far fetched. Obviously, WW3 doesn't exist (yet, and let's hope never), so it's hard to base anything on whether it's far-fetched or not, cuz we really don't have anything to show what's considered far-fetched or not for a future war that hasn't happened. But on that note, I do think that the way MW2 ended and from the trailer of MW3, it does seem more realistic than the two games I mentioned. I'm sure there are other games out there that might compete as a possible WW3 game, but remember, WW3 means that the majority of the world's most powerful countries are at war. So you can't really count the Socom games (excluding Socom 4, only because I haven't played it, no clue what the story involves) or Rainbow Six games, or the Ghost Recon games, or the Battlefield games.

Avatar image for jasonlc3221

@holycrowbar are you serious?! LOL, your first sentence just summed up my point. Thanks for proving me right, then calling people idiots for buying the game, yet you're the one that looks like the idiot, LMAO!!! OMG, THE IRONY!!!! I'll see you online on COD in November buddy, kthanksbye

Avatar image for razorfett147

It's amazing to me how many ppl here equate sales with quality. If you think that MW2 selling more units than BFBC2 means it's a better game, then please explain to me the run-away success of Justin Bieber.

Avatar image for crqos007

does anyone else think that developers are starting to milk the modern warfare/world war 3 setting just like they did with WW2?

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

@GamerLegend10 I agree; like any form of fiction some level of disbelief must be forgone for it to be successful. I guess it's sort of a "what if" scenario where WW3 would be fought with conventional warfare, but if they have a scenario in this game where a rogue nuke or two are detonated by either side I'm going to have a frickin cow.