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Modern Warfare 2 Safe Codes For El Sin Nombre And Alone

You'll want to crack open these safes to get the best weapons.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's campaign sends you fighting across the globe with Captain Price and a fully-assembled Task Force 141, and along the way you might stumble on locked safes needing safe codes. There are three safes in total, and you'll want to unlock them with specific safe codes for better weaponry options. Here's how you can find and unlock all three safes. Take note that this guide will necessarily contain light spoilers.

Modern Warfare 2 - Safe Code #1

Safe location in El Sin Nombre
Safe location in El Sin Nombre

Code: 02-02-19

The first safe you'll have the opportunity to unlock is during mission #11: El Sin Nombre. In this mission you're sent to a mansion and will eventually be tasked with getting a keycard from Diego. You're allowed to roam around the building, so you'll want to grab glass bottles to distract the guards blocking the restricted area you need to access. These are found on tables and other locations all over the area.

Note: There are also a few throwing knives you can scavenge if you want to stealth kill a few guards, but there is a trophy for reaching the penthouse objective without triggering alarms or killing anyone.

Otherwise, follow the mission's objective marker to get the keycard from Diego's room. You'll come to a balcony pathway where you can turn left or right. Left takes you to the objective point, and going right will take you to Diego's room. So turn right, and in the room is a closed closet that you can open to reveal the safe.

Using the safe code will give you access to armor plates and a silenced Lockwood 300 shotgun.

Modern Warfare 2 - Safe Code #2

Safe location in Alone mission's café
Safe location in Alone mission's café

Code: 10-10-80

The second safe is found in Mission #13 called Alone. Playing as Soap, you're in a bit of a stealth situation with very little at your disposal. You're forced to craft items to help you survive, so unlocking this safe will give you a much better advantage.

Eventually, you'll reach a building with a shotgun trap to dismantle, and then head upstairs from there into a café. There's a place where you can drop down to a lower level here, but don't jump down until you find the safe. You won't be able to return upstairs. Instead, make a quick left to the cafe's office. The office door is locked, so you'll need to craft a pry tool to open it. Pry it open and head inside to find the safe beside a desk.

Using the safe code will give you a throwing knife and a silenced .50 GS pistol.

Modern Warfare 2 - Safe Code #3

Safe location in Alone mission's garage
Safe location in Alone mission's garage

Code: 37-60-80

The final safe is also found during the Alone mission. It's found in the garage, and you'll access it as soon as you drop down into the lower level of the cafe and make a left. There are a lot of guards searching this area, so you'll want to sneak around and make use of the throwing knife from the last safe. Head inside the garage to find the safe in a corner near some crates.

Using the safe will score you another throwing knife and a crossbow. Additionally, it's worth noting that opening all three safes will unlock the "Gentleman Thief" Trophy/Achievement for Modern Warfare 2.

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