Call of Duty Mobile Season 9 Resurrects Zombies As Undead Buccaneers

The Halloween goodies include a spooky map, two zombie modes, and new seasonal challenges.


Zombies have returned to Call of Duty Mobile and they're dressed up like the classic Halloween mainstay: Pirates.

Slaying zombies in Season 9 consists of two different modes: Zombies Classic and Super Attack of the Undead. In Zombies Classic, players will shoot their way through Shi No Numa aka the Swamp of Death. Killing zombies will let players purchase perks and take chances with the Mystery Box. In Super Attack of the Undead, players deploy as a full squad, but one is randomly chosen to join the undead. The match continues until only survivors or zombies are left standing. Both sides can earn bonuses and gain new powers as the game progresses.

This season's battle pass features a bunch of buccaneer themed loot on both the free and premium tiers. On the free side, players can earn throwable, remote-detonated C4 at Tier 14 and a new Krig 16 Assault Rifle at Tier 21. Camos, weapon blueprints, and the calling card Misty Seas are also available on the free battle pass. On the paid battle pass, players can earn the Sapporo Stealth skin for Kui Ji, the Carbon Smoke skin for Domino, the Dark Sails skin for Zero, and the Sea Monster skin for Merc 5. Paying players can also earn weapon blueprints for the ICR-1, SKS, GKS, Chopper, and the new Krig 6.

Additionally, the season introduces a new map, a "haunted" version of Hacienda. In the Haunted Voyage event, players can earn Halloween Coins by completing daily and weekly challenges. The coins can buy Halloween Candies which can unlock various rewards.

The full details of the season can be found on the official Call of Duty Website.

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