Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9 Is Live; Patch Notes Detail Halloween Event And Weapon Balancing

Season 9 of Call of Duty Mobile brings an event for Halloween, new battle pass, and some weapon balancing.


Call of Duty Mobile's Season 9: Nightmare is now live with a Halloween-themed event, the new burst-fire Swordfish assault rifle, spooky modes, a new battle pass, and more. The patch notes for the update include some weapon balancing for both multiplayer and battle royale.

Trick-or-Treat Event

Trick-o-Treating at a friend's house
Trick-o-Treating at a friend's house

The Season 9 Nightmare update brings a Trick-or-Treat event, which lets players visit their friends for candy by virtually "knocking" on their door for Trick-or-Treating. This is basically an event tab with a player's friends list, and it lets them click on each friend to "visit" them. The friend will randomly award them with candies as a treat, or they'll get a challenge task as a trick. Earning candy grants event XP, which progresses players through event tiers for rewards like Halloween-themed weapon blueprints. And players shouldn't worry if they don't have a lot of friends on their Call of Duty Mobile account, the game will generate some NPC players to fill their list for the event.

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New Multiplayer Maps And Modes

Players can now enjoy a Halloween-themed variant of Standoff, which gives this popular map a nighttime setting with Halloween decorations. Also, Modern Warfare 2019's Hovec Sawmill map makes its Call of Duty Mobile debut, but the mobile version is set at night for the holiday.

The Nightmare update also brings two new multiplayer modes to enjoy. Drop Zone, originally introduced in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, requires teams to battle for control of a designated drop zone that rotates throughout the match. The only way to earn scorestreaks in Drop Zone is by holding the zone, which prompts care packages to drop onto the map. Drop Zone might not be thematically fit for this season, but players can play the new 10v10 Pumpkin Confirmed mode, which is like standard Kill Confirmed but with pumpkins to collect instead of dog tags.

Zombies Returns

Previously, Zombies mode was locked in Call of Duty Mobile, but the game's Undead Siege mode is back with the Nightmare update. Players can expect mostly the same experience with the return of Undead Siege, but small tweaks were made to make zombie spawning less predictable and more enemy types can be found in casual mode.

Battle Royale

Battle royale's main map, Isolated, will have a night mode arriving later in the season. This limited-time version will be available from October 29 to November 4. Currently, players can expect zombie scares on the Blackout map. A new class ability was also teased for battle royale. The Pumped class will arrive in a future event, and this gives players a jetpack to navigate the map.

Season 9 Battle Pass

Season 9 brings a new 50-tier battle pass with plenty of spooky weapon blueprints and operator skins, but most importantly, the real meat of the battle pass is found in the free tiers. This will be the new burst-fire Swordfish assault rifle and the TAK-5 operator skill, which offers a team healing ability similar to what was used by the operator Crash in Black Ops 4. So, players don't even need to purchase the premium pass to get some of the good stuff.

The free battle pass tiers include:

  • Scythe Time - Sticker (tier 1)
  • Ninja – Dark Flower (tier 8)
  • New Operator Skill TAK-5 (tier 14)
  • Charm – Cymbal Monkey (tier 16)
  • New Weapon Swordfish (tier 21)
  • Pharo - Covenant (tier 28)
  • PDW-57 - Covenant (tier 31)
  • M4 - Covenant (tier 36)
  • Fields of the Fallen Calling Card (tier 46)
  • Striker - Covenant (tier 50)

Clan Wars Updates

Season 9 doesn’t have a brand-new Clan Wars season, but the update brings changes to the system. The clan currency earn rate has already been increased significantly to help players earn anything in the store they've already been working towards, like a new operator or weapon blueprint. The developers are encouraging players to complete and unlock as much as they can this season, because afterwards, the currency will be reset to zero and store items will start to rotate out. More updates and new Clan Wars rewards will arrive in Season 10.

Weapon Balancing

The CR-56 AMAX assault rifle was nerfed for both multiplayer and battle royale. This change slightly increased the vertical recoil for the gun, as well as reduced the weapon's range. While this makes the CR-56 AMAX slightly less viable, the M13 and KN44 assault rifles both received buffs to make them a little more desirable in multiplayer and battle royale. The M13 now has faster ADS movement speed and fast reload time, and the KN44 has reduced recoil and a damage increase.

The MX9 submachine gun received a nerf for battle royale mode only, which reduces the weapon's base damage. Some players might be disappointed that the change only affects the battle royale mode, as the weapon is currently very overpowered in multiplayer.

You can find the full list of patch notes below, as shared by the developers on Reddit.

Balance Adjustment

Multiplayer and Battle Royale


  • M67 Ammo
    • Reduced range: Short range distance reduced from 36m to 30m,medium range distance reduced from 51m to 42.5m
    • Reduced the damage to upper arms from 62 to 48
    • Slightly increased vertical recoil

Developer Comment:

After the recent overall adjustments to semi-automatic rifles, the strength of this loadout remains quite strong. With high damage to the upper body, long range and extremely low recoil, one can eliminate opponents with 2 shots in most cases. We’ve adjusted the range, upper arm damage and recoil to bring this closer in line with other weapons.


  • General
    • ADS Movement Speed increased from 0.6 to 0.65
    • Reload time reduced from 3s to 2.5s
    • MP Basic Bullet Speed increased from 600 to 900
  • Heavy Long Barrel:
    • Movement Speed adjusted from -4% -> -2%
  • .300 RTC 30 Round Reload:
    • Replaced bullet speed increase with silencer effect
    • ADS Speed adjusted from -8% to -3%
  • .300 RTC Double Stack 40 Round Reload:
    • Replaced bullet speed increase with silencer effect
    • New Effect: Reload Speed +10%
    • Movement Speed adjusted from -2% to -1%
  • Fixed an issue where the M13 did not receive the general accuracy improvement in BR.

Developer Comment:

The M13 positions itself as a strong mid-range weapon, but many of its advantages are lost when using attachments. We optimized its basic bullet speed and mobility, and reduced the negative effects of related attachments so that the M13 can better take advantage of the mid-range game.



  • Reduce the basic horizontal recoil
  • Initial hipfire bullet spread reduced by 13%
  • Increased damage to arms from 26 to 28
  • Increased damage to chest from 28 to 31
  • Increased damage to head from 31 to 33

OWC Marksman:

  • Vertical Recoil adjusted from -3.2% to -8%

OWC Ranger:

  • Vertical Recoil adjusted from -3.2% to -6%

MIP Strike Stock:

  • Vertical Recoil adjusted from -3.2% to -8%

Developer Comment:

KN44's TTK seemed better on paper than in practice. Unpredictable ballistics and large horizontal recoil limit the performance of the actual TTK. We’ve adjusted the level of recoil to ensure basic accuracy, increased upper body damage, and improved the ability to shoot upwards. Hip fire accuracy has also been improved to enhance performance during close-range encounters.


  • Short range distance without any attachment adjusted from 10 to 14

Developer Comment:

Chopper’s sprint-to-fire delay and recoil curve, and short range has put it at a disadvantage when compared to other strong machine guns. We’ve increased its short-range effectiveness to improve close-to mid-range performance and suppression capabilities.



  • Base damage adjusted from 25-22-20-19 to 28-24-20-19
  • Movement Speed adjusted from 1.04 to 1.06
  • ADS Time adjusted from 0.448 to 0.4
  • 50 Round Reload:
  • Movement Speed adjusted from -1% to -1.5%
  • 60 Round Reload:
  • Movement Speed adjusted from -1.5% to -2.5%

Developer Comment:

With only 30 rounds of base ammunition, UL736 is the most mobile machine gun and makes up for a longer TTK with maneuverability.

We’ve increased the damage of the first two ranges to improve performance in BR.


  • Reduced recoil when not using any attachments

Developer Comment:

The recoil curve of the S36 has always been difficult to control. The horizontal recoil in particular has a significant impact on accuracy when firing. We adjusted the recoil curve to improve control during continuous fire.

Disable (Perk)

When equipped on assault rifles and LMGs, hitting any part of the body reduces movement speed for a short time.

Battle Royale


  • Base Damage adjusted from 30-24-16-15 -> 25-21-18-16

Developer Comment:

With its high base damage, MX9 packs a surprising punch in close combat. We’ve lowered its base damage while adjusting the precision hit multiplier so that precision hits remain unchanged.


  • Starting vertical recoil increased by 50%
  • Bullet spread during continuous fire increased by 35% after the first shot

Fixed an issue where SKS fired hitscan instead of projectile.

Developer Comment:

SKS is extremely stable in BR, even without mods. Combined with its high rate of fire and high damage, it is proving to be too strong at medium and long-range distances.

We have increased its base recoil and bullet spread, retaining its power with mods equipped but greatly limiting suppression power of continuous fire.

Score Streaks

SAM Turret

  • Increased explosion damage from 198 to 385
  • Reduced point cost from 850 to 660

Developer Comment:

We noticed that after adjusting the lock-on time of FHJ-18, player air defense capabilities have become much weaker. We’ve made adjustments to the SAM Turret to compensate for this.


  • Increased the number of drones from 4 to 6
  • We’ve increased the number of drones to improve Swarm’s cost-effectiveness.


  • Reduced point cost from 1500 to 1190
  • We’ve reduced the point cost to improve Napalm’s cost-effectiveness.

Lightning Strike

  • Reduced point cost from 1050 to 850
  • Increased explosion range of missiles from 10m to 15m

Developer Comment:

We’ve reduced the point cost and improved missile explosion range to improve Lightning Strike’s cost-effectiveness.

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