Call of Duty Mobile Looks To Return Classic Zombies Mode With Shi No Numa

Shi No Numa has been added to the Season 7 test server for Call of Duty Mobile.


Originally, Call of Duty Mobile featured a standard Zombies mode with World at War's classic Shi No Numa map, but the Zombies mode was scrapped in 2020 and eventually replaced with the objective-based Undead Siege mode. Now, it looks like the undead will rise again in the mobile version of Shi No Numa.

Nothing has been officially announced by Activision or the developer, but Undead Siege has been removed from the game, and now Shi No Numa has appeared in the Season 7 test server for Call of Duty Mobile. In this build of the game, the Shi No Numa map is labeled as Undead Siege mode, but the gameplay shown by YouTuber LegoUnlocked reveals a more traditional round-based experience.

Most recently, Shi No Numa was introduced into Vanguard's Zombies mode in a switch from objective-style maps to a more traditional survival experience. While Vanguard's Shi No Numa has redesigned perk fountains to fit the occult theme of the storyline, players can expect the traditional perk machines from Call of Duty: World at War for this mobile version of the map. This mostly looks like the classic version of Shi No Numa, but it does incorporate a few changes like adding in Undead Siege's shop machines and special enemy types.

Season 7 of Call of Duty Mobile is set to arrive in August, but without any official announcement from Activision, there's no way of knowing if the map will indeed arrive with this next season. Those wanting to enjoy the map's zombie-filled swamplands without the wait, Vanguard's enhanced version of Shi No Numa brings a rich new experience with a brand-new storyline Easter egg quest, side Easter eggs, and more.

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